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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Flexible transparent conducting electrodes based on metal meshes for organic optoelectronic device applications: a review
HB Lee, WY Jin, MM Ovhal, N Kumar, JW Kang
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 7 (5), 1087-1110, 2019
Highly flexible and transparent conducting silver nanowire/ZnO composite film for organic solar cells
M Song, JH Park, CS Kim, DH Kim, YC Kang, SH Jin, WY Jin, JW Kang
Nano Research 7 (9), 1370-1379, 2014
Degradation mechanism of planar-perovskite solar cells: correlating evolution of iodine distribution and photocurrent hysteresis
RT Ginting, MK Jeon, KJ Lee, WY Jin, TW Kim, JW Kang
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (9), 4527-4534, 2017
Silver nanowire transparent conductive electrodes for high-efficiency III-nitride light-emitting diodes
M Oh, WY Jin, H Jun Jeong, MS Jeong, JW Kang, H Kim
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-11, 2015
Low-temperature operation of perovskite solar cells: With efficiency improvement and hysteresis-less
RT Ginting, ES Jung, MK Jeon, WY Jin, M Song, JW Kang
Nano Energy 27, 569-576, 2016
Highly stable and efficient inverted organic solar cells based on low-temperature solution-processed PEIE and ZnO bilayers
WY Jin, RT Ginting, SH Jin, JW Kang
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (10), 3784-3791, 2016
Ultra-smooth, fully solution-processed large-area transparent conducting electrodes for organic devices
WY Jin, RT Ginting, KJ Ko, JW Kang
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-10, 2016
Thermal pressing of a metal-grid transparent electrode into a plastic substrate for flexible electronic devices
Y Lee, WY Jin, KY Cho, JW Kang, J Kim
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4 (32), 7577-7583, 2016
Efficient large-area transparent OLEDs based on a laminated top electrode with an embedded auxiliary mesh
S Park, JT Lim, WY Jin, H Lee, BH Kwon, NS Cho, JH Han, JW Kang, ...
ACS Photonics 4 (5), 1114-1122, 2017
Improving light extraction of flexible OLEDs using a mechanically robust Ag mesh/ITO composite electrode and microlens array
SR Shin, HB Lee, WY Jin, KJ Ko, S Park, S Yoo, JW Kang
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 6 (20), 5444-5452, 2018
Progress towards fully spray-coated semitransparent inverted organic solar cells with a silver nanowire electrode
YJ Kang, DG Kim, JK Kim, WY Jin, JW Kang
Organic Electronics 15 (10), 2173-2177, 2014
Dual light trapping and water-repellent effects of a flexible-based inverse micro-cone array for organic and perovskite solar cells
RT Ginting, EB Jeon, JM Kim, WY Jin, JW Kang
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (37), 31291-31299, 2018
Silver nanowires for transparent conductive electrode to GaN-based light-emitting diodes
GJ Jeong, JH Lee, SH Han, WY Jin, JW Kang, SN Lee
Applied Physics Letters 106 (3), 031118, 2015
Built‐In Haze Glass‐Fabric Reinforced Siloxane Hybrid Film for Efficient Organic Light‐Emitting Diodes (OLEDs)
YW Lim, OE Kwon, SM Kang, H Cho, J Lee, YS Park, NS Cho, WY Jin, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (33), 1802944, 2018
Polymer assisted solution processing of Ti-doped indium oxide transparent conducting thin films for organic solar cells
SK Vishwanath, WY Jin, JW Kang, J Kim
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 631, 67-71, 2015
Scalable, All‐Printed Photocapacitor Fibers and Modules based on Metal‐Embedded Flexible Transparent Conductive Electrodes for Self‐Charging Wearable Applications
WY Jin, MM Ovhal, HB Lee, B Tyagi, JW Kang
Advanced Energy Materials 11 (4), 2003509, 2021
The optoelectronic properties of tungsten-doped indium oxide thin films prepared by polymer-assisted solution processing for use in organic solar cells
SK Vishwanath, T An, WY Jin, JW Kang, J Kim
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5 (39), 10295-10301, 2017
High-performance, large-area semitransparent and tandem perovskite solar cells featuring highly scalable a-ITO/Ag mesh 3D top electrodes
B Tyagi, HB Lee, N Kumar, WY Jin, KJ Ko, MM Ovhal, R Sahani, ...
Nano Energy 95, 106978, 2022
31‐1: Novel Laminated OLEDs Using a Non‐Metal Transparent Top Electrode with an Embedded Metal Mesh
S Park, JT Lim, H Lee, WY Jin, BH Kwon, NS Cho, JW Kang, S Yoo, JI Lee
SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers 47 (1), 389-392, 2016
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