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Muneer khan mohammed
Muneer khan mohammed
Advanced Manufacturing Institute, King Saud University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A hybrid machining process combining micro-EDM and laser beam machining of nickel–titanium-based shape memory alloy
AMA Al-Ahmari, MS Rasheed, MK Mohammed, T Saleh
Materials and Manufacturing Processes 31 (4), 447-455, 2016
Optimal 5G network slicing using machine learning and deep learning concepts
MH Abidi, H Alkhalefah, K Moiduddin, M Alazab, MK Mohammed, ...
Computer Standards & Interfaces 76, 103518, 2021
Predictive maintenance planning for industry 4.0 using machine learning for sustainable manufacturing
MH Abidi, MK Mohammed, H Alkhalefah
Sustainability 14 (6), 3387, 2022
Blockchain‐based secure information sharing for supply chain management: optimization assisted data sanitization process
MH Abidi, H Alkhalefah, U Umer, MK Mohammed
International journal of intelligent systems 36 (1), 260-290, 2021
Effect of energy input on microstructure and mechanical properties of titanium aluminide alloy fabricated by the additive manufacturing process of electron beam melting
A Mohammad, AM Alahmari, MK Mohammed, RK Renganayagalu, ...
Materials 10 (2), 211, 2017
Multi-response optimization of machining parameters in micro milling of alumina ceramics using Nd: YAG laser
U Umer, MK Mohammed, A Al-Ahmari
Measurement 95, 181-192, 2017
Self-supporting overhang structures produced by additive manufacturing through electron beam melting
W Ameen, A Al-Ahmari, MK Mohammed
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 104, 2215-2232, 2019
Optimal scheduling of flexible manufacturing system using improved lion-based hybrid machine learning approach
MH Abidi, H Alkhalefah, MK Mohammed, U Umer, JEA Qudeiri
Ieee Access 8, 96088-96114, 2020
An investigation of the micro-electrical discharge machining of nickel-titanium shape memory alloy using grey relations coupled with principal component analysis
MH Abidi, AM Al-Ahmari, AN Siddiquee, SH Mian, MK Mohammed, ...
Metals 7 (11), 486, 2017
Effect of melt parameters on density and surface roughness in electron beam melting of gamma titanium aluminide alloy
A Mohammad, AM Al-Ahmari, A AlFaify, MK Mohammed
Rapid Prototyping Journal 23 (3), 474-485, 2017
Investigation of the effect of buffer storage capacity and repair rate on production line efficiency
W Ameen, M AlKahtani, MK Mohammed, O Abdulhameed, AM El-Tamimi
Journal of King Saud University-Engineering Sciences 30 (3), 243-249, 2018
Effect of laser ablation parameters on surface improvement of electron beam melted parts
A Mohammad, MK Mohammed, AM Alahmari
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 87, 1033-1044, 2016
Design, finite element analysis (FEA), and fabrication of custom titanium alloy cranial implant using electron beam melting additive manufacturing
W Ameen, A Al-Ahmari, MK Mohammed, O Abdulhameed, U Umer, ...
Advances in Production Engineering & Management 13 (3), 267-278, 2018
Manufacturability of overhanging holes using electron beam melting
W Ameen, A Al-Ahmari, MK Mohammed, SH Mian
Metals 8 (6), 397, 2018
Automated maintenance data classification using recurrent neural network: enhancement by spotted hyena-based whale optimization
MH Abidi, U Umer, MK Mohammed, MK Aboudaif, H Alkhalefah
Mathematics 8 (11), 2008, 2020
Optimization of laser micro milling of alumina ceramic using radial basis functions and MOGA-II
MK Mohammed, U Umer, A Al-Ahmari
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 91, 2017-2029, 2017
Milling Microchannels in Monel 400 Alloy by Wire EDM: An Experimental Analysis
M Saleh, S Anwar, A El-Tamimi, MK Mohammed, S Ahmad
Micromachines 11 (5), 469, 2020
Effects of laser fluence and pulse overlap on machining of microchannels in alumina ceramics using an Nd: YAG laser
MK Mohammed, U Umer, O Abdulhameed, H Alkhalefah
Applied Sciences 9 (19), 3962, 2019
Optimization of Nd: YAG laser for microchannels fabrication in alumina ceramic
MK Mohammed, U Umer, A Al-Ahmari
Journal of Manufacturing Processes 41, 148-158, 2019
Failure Analysis and Reliability of Ni–Ti-Based Dental Rotary Files Subjected to Cyclic Fatigue
A Alqedairi, H Alfawaz, A Rabba, A Almutairi, S Alnafaiy, MK Mohammed
Metals 8 (1), 2018
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