Dr D  Murugan ME.,Ph.D
Dr D Murugan ME.,Ph.D
Professor, Dept of CSE, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Performance evaluation of face recognition using Gabor filter, log Gabor filter and discrete wavelet transform
D Murugan, S Arumugam, K Rajalakshmi, T Manish
International Journal of computer science and Information Technology 2 (1 …, 2010
Pixel pattern based steganography on images
R Rejani, D Murugan, DV Krishnan
ICTACT Journal on Image and Video Processing 5 (03), 0976-9102, 2015
Pair-wise key agreement and hop-by-hop authentication protocol for MANET
K Shanthi, D Murugan
Wireless Networks 23 (4), 1025-1033, 2017
WSN based Smart system for detection of LPG and Combustible gases
LK Hema, D Murugan, M Chitra
National Conf. on Architecture, Software systems and Green computing-2013, 2013
Opposition based firefly algorithm optimized feature subset selection approach for fetal risk anticipation
V Subha, D Murugan
Mach. Learn. Appl.: Int. J 3 (2), 55-64, 2016
Genetic Algorithm based feature subset selection for fetal state classification
S Velappan, D Murugan, S Prabha
Journal of communications technology, Electronics and Computer Science 2, 13-17, 2015
A novel angular texture pattern (ATP) extraction method for crop and weed discrimination using curvelet transformation
D Murugan, P Prema
ELCVIA: electronic letters on computer vision and image analysis 15 (1), 27-59, 2016
Hybrid edge detection using canny and ant colony optimization
TI Manish, D Murugan, GT Kumar
Communications in information science and management engineering 3 (8), 402, 2013
Image enhancement and performance evaluation using various filters for IRS-P6 Satellite Liss IV remotely sensed data
TG Kumar, D Murugan, K Rajalakshmi, TI Manish
Geofizika 32 (2), 179-189, 2015
Fetal State Determination using Support Vector Machine and Firefly Optimization
V Subha, D Murugan
International Journal of Knowledge Based Computer Systems 2 (2), 7-12, 2014
Comparative analysis of classification techniques using Cardiotocography dataset
V Subha, D Murugan, J Rani, K Rajalakshmi, T Tirunelveli
International Journal of Research in Information Technology 1 (12), 274-280, 2013
Comparative study of spatial domain image steganography techniques
R Rejani, D Murugan, DV Krishnan
International Journal of Advanced Networking and Applications 7 (2), 2650, 2015
Analysis of Classification Algorithms J48 and SMO on Different Datasets
S Singaravelan, D Murugan, R Mayakrishnan
World Engineering & Applied Sciences Journal 6 (2), 119-123, 2015
Wireless Sensor Networks’ emergence and Growth-A survey
LK Hema, D Murugan, M Chitra
International Journal of Computational Engineering Research (IJCER) 2, 217-224, 2012
A hybrid filter-wrapper attribute reduction approach for fetal risk anticipation
V Subha, D Murugan, AM Boopathi
Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities 7 (2), 1094-1106, 2017
A novel multiple unsupervised algorithm for land use/land cover classification
T Vignesh, KK Thyagharajan, D Murugan, M Sakthivel, S Pushparaj
Indian Journal of Science and Technology 9 (42), 1-12, 2016
Combined global-local specialized feature descriptor for content based image retrieval under noisy query
S Singaravelan, D Murugan
2013 International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication …, 2013
Inner interruption discovery and defense system by using data mining
S Singaravelan, R Arun, D Arunshunmugam, SJC Joy, D Murugan
Journal of King Saud University-Computer and Information Sciences 32 (5 …, 2020
Comparative Analysis on Segmentation Approaches for Plant Leaf Disease Detection
S Vijayalakshmi, D Murugan
Int J Comput Sci Eng 6 (5), 412-418, 2018
Comparative analysis of support vector machine ensembles for heart disease prediction
V Subha, M Revathi, D Murugan
Int J Comput Sci Commun Netw 5 (6), 386-390, 2015
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