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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Does economic policy uncertainty predict the Bitcoin returns? An empirical investigation
E Demir, G Gozgor, CKM Lau, SA Vigne
Finance Research Letters 26, 145-149, 2018
Bitcoin futures—What use are they?
S Corbet, B Lucey, M Peat, S Vigne
Economics Letters 172, 23-27, 2018
Return spillovers between white precious metal ETFs: The role of oil, gold, and global equity
MCK Lau, SA Vigne, S Wang, L Yarovaya
International Review of Financial Analysis 52, 316-332, 2017
The financial economics of white precious metals—A survey
SA Vigne, BM Lucey, FA O’Connor, L Yarovaya
International Review of Financial Analysis 52, 292-308, 2017
Gold and inflation (s)–A time-varying relationship
BM Lucey, SS Sharma, SA Vigne
Economic Modelling, 2016
The causes and consequences of household financial strain: A systematic review
D French, S Vigne
International Review of Financial Analysis 62, 150-156, 2019
The destabilising effects of cryptocurrency cybercriminality
S Corbet, DJ Cumming, BM Lucey, M Peat, SA Vigne
Economics Letters 191, 108741, 2020
Future directions in international financial integration research-A crowdsourced perspective
BM Lucey, SA Vigne, L Ballester, L Barbopoulos, J Brzeszczynski, ...
International Review of Financial Analysis 55, 35-49, 2018
The determinants of IPO withdrawal–Evidence from Europe
P Helbing, BM Lucey, SA Vigne
Journal of Corporate Finance 56, 415-436, 2019
Time-variation in the relationship between white precious metals and inflation: A cross-country analysis
MH Bilgin, F Gogolin, MCK Lau, SA Vigne
Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money 56, 55-70, 2018
Uncovering long term relationships between oil prices and the economy: a time-varying cointegration analysis
F Gogolin, F Kearney, BM Lucey, M Peat, SA Vigne
Energy Economics 76, 584-593, 2018
The causal effect on firm performance of China's financing–pollution emission reduction policy: Firm-level evidence
D Zhang, SA Vigne
Journal of Environmental Management 279, 111609, 2021
An analysis of the intellectual structure of research on the financial economics of precious metals
S Corbet, M Dowling, X Gao, S Huang, B Lucey, SA Vigne
Resources Policy 63, 101416, 2019
The cryptocurrency uncertainty index
BM Lucey, SA Vigne, L Yarovaya, Y Wang
Finance Research Letters, 102147, 2021
How does innovation efficiency contribute to green productivity? A financial constraint perspective
D Zhang, SA Vigne
Journal of Cleaner Production 280, 124000, 2021
Modelling asymmetric conditional dependence between Shanghai and Hong Kong stock markets
W Wu, MCK Lau, SA Vigne
Research in International Business and Finance 42, 1137-1149, 2017
Investigating the dynamics between price volatility, price discovery, and criminality in cryptocurrency markets
S Corbet, DJ Cumming, BM Lucey, M Peat, S Vigne
Price Discovery, and Criminality in Cryptocurrency Markets (May 3, 2019), 2019
What sort of asset? bitcoin analysed
S Corbet, B Lucey, M Peat, S Vigne
International Workshop on Enterprise Applications, Markets and Services in …, 2018
A new attention proxy and order imbalance: Evidence from China
Y Gao, X Xiong, X Feng, Y Li, SA Vigne
Finance Research Letters 29, 411-417, 2019
Bayesian Value-at-Risk backtesting: The case of annuity pricing
M Leung, Y Li, AA Pantelous, SA Vigne
European Journal of Operational Research 293 (2), 786-801, 2021
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