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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Role of neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio in prediction of disease progression in patients with stage-4 chronic kidney disease.
I Kocyigit, E Eroglu, A Unal, MH Sipahioglu, B Tokgoz, O Oymak, C Utas
Journal of nephrology 26 (2), 358-365, 2012
A link between the intrarenal renin angiotensin system and hypertension in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease
I Kocyigit, MI Yilmaz, A Unal, F Ozturk, E Eroglu, C Yazici, O Orscelik, ...
American journal of nephrology 38 (3), 218-225, 2013
Serum uric acid levels and endothelial dysfunction in patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease
I Kocyigit, MI Yilmaz, O Orscelik, MH Sipahioglu, A Unal, E Eroglu, ...
Nephron Clinical Practice 123 (3-4), 157-164, 2013
Pentraxin 3 as a novel bio-marker of inflammation and endothelial dysfunction in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease
I Kocyigit, E Eroglu, O Orscelik, A Unal, O Gungor, F Ozturk, C Karakukcu, ...
Journal of nephrology 27 (2), 181-186, 2014
Endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene expression is associated with hypertension in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease
I Kocyigit, S Taheri, EF Sener, A Unal, E Eroglu, F Öztürk, K Korkmaz, ...
Cardiorenal medicine 4 (3-4), 269-279, 2014
Levofloxacin-induced delirium: is it a dangerous drug in patients with renal dysfunction?
I Kocyigit, S Dortdudak, M Sipahioglu, A Unal, HE Yucel, B Tokgoz, ...
Renal failure 34 (5), 634-636, 2012
Acute renal infarction in Turkey: a review of 121 cases
N Eren, O Gungor, I Kocyigit, FB Guzel, E Erken, O Altunoren, E Tatar, ...
International urology and nephrology 50 (11), 2067-2072, 2018
Evaluation of fibrosis markers: apelin and transforming growth factor‐β1 in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease patients
D Kocer, C Karakukcu, F Ozturk, E Eroglu, I Kocyigit
Therapeutic Apheresis and Dialysis 20 (5), 517-522, 2016
The role of platelet activation in determining response to therapy in patients with primary nephrotic syndrome
I Kocyigit, MI Yilmaz, Y Şimşek, A Unal, MH Sipahioglu, E Eroglu, F Dede, ...
Platelets 24 (6), 474-479, 2013
Serum micro-rna profiles in patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease according to hypertension and renal function
I Kocyigit, S Taheri, EF Sener, E Eroglu, F Ozturk, A Unal, K Korkmaz, ...
BMC nephrology 18 (1), 1-10, 2017
A low serum free triiodothyronine level is associated with epicardial adipose tissue in peritoneal dialysis patients
I Kocyigit, O Gungor, A Unal, M Yasan, O Orscelik, O Tunca, E Eroglu, ...
Journal of atherosclerosis and thrombosis, 23259, 2014
Carpal tunnel release surgery and venous hypertension in early hemodialysis patients without amyloid deposits
I Kocyigit, A Unal, A Guney, E Mavili, K Deniz, M Kocyigit, M Sipahioglu, ...
The Scientific World Journal 2013, 2013
Mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis in familial Mediterranean fever patient with E148Q mutation: the first case report
E Eroglu, I Kocyigit, O Ates, A Unal, MH Sipahioglu, H Akgun, B Tokgoz, ...
International urology and nephrology 45 (2), 591-594, 2013
Long-term protective effect of N-acetylcysteine against amikacin-induced ototoxicity in end-stage renal disease: a randomized trial
A Vural, İ Koçyiğit, F Şan, E Eroğlu, İ Ketenci, A Ünal, B Tokgöz, Y Ünlü
Peritoneal Dialysis International 38 (1), 57-62, 2018
The association of endothelial progenitor cell markers with arteriovenous fistula maturation in hemodialysis patients
E Eroglu, I Kocyigit, B Saraymen, A Tuncay, E Mavili, A Unal, H Avcilar, ...
International urology and nephrology 48 (6), 891-899, 2016
The association of endothelin-1 levels with renal survival in polycystic kidney disease patients
I Kocyigit, E Eroglu, AS Kaynar, D Kocer, S Kargi, G Zararsiz, R Bayramov, ...
Journal of nephrology 32 (1), 83-91, 2019
The effect of periodontal disease treatment in patients with continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis
Z Tasdemir, FÖ Tasdemir, C Gürgan, E Eroglu, I Gunturk
International urology and nephrology 50 (8), 1519-1528, 2018
Association between cardiac valvular calcification and serum fetuin-A levels in renal transplant recipients
I Kocyigit, A Unal, D Elcik, H Korkar, A Sen, M Yasan, E Eroglu, ...
Transplantation proceedings 47 (5), 1398-1401, 2015
The serum YKL-40 level is associated with vascular injury and predicts proteinuria in nephrotic syndrome patients
I Kocyigit, O Gungor, E Dogan, S Karadavut, C Karakukcu, E Eroglu, ...
Journal of Atherosclerosis and thrombosis, 26385, 2014
The endothelin system as target for therapeutic interventions in cardiovascular and renal disease
E Eroglu, I Kocyigit, B Lindholm
Clinica Chimica Acta 506, 92-106, 2020
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