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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Genomic signatures of geographic isolation and natural selection in coral reef fishes
MR Gaither, MA Bernal, RR Coleman, BW Bowen, SA Jones, WB Simison, ...
Molecular Ecology 24 (7), 1543-1557, 2015
Emergent patterns of population genetic structure for a coral reef community
K Selkoe, O Gaggiotti, T Laboratory, BW Bowen, RJ Toonen
Molecular Ecology 23 (12), 3064-3079, 2014
The roots of diversity: below ground species richness and rooting distributions in a tropical forest revealed by DNA barcodes and inverse modeling
FA Jones, DL Erickson, MA Bernal, E Bermingham, WJ Kress, EA Herre, ...
PLoS One 6 (9), e24506, 2011
Acanthurus tractus Poey, 1860, a valid western Atlantic species of surgeonfish (Teleostei, Acanthuridae), distinct from Acanthurus bahianus Castelnau, 1855
Zootaxa 2905, 63-68, 2011
Living in the past: phylogeography and population histories of Indo-Pacific wrasses (genus Halichoeres) in shallow lagoons versus outer reef slopes
WB Ludt, MA Bernal, BW Bowen, LA Rocha
PLoS One 7 (6), e38042, 2012
Population Structure and Seasonal Migration of the Spotted Eagle Ray, Aetobatus narinari
AB Sellas, K Bassos-Hull, JC Pérez-Jiménez, JA Angulo-Valdés, ...
Journal of Heredity 106 (3), 266-275, 2015
The DNA of coral reef biodiversity: predicting and protecting genetic diversity of reef assemblages
KA Selkoe, OE Gaggiotti, EA Treml, JLK Wren, MK Donovan, ...
Proc. R. Soc. B 283 (1829), 20160354, 2016
Long‐term sperm storage in the brownbanded bamboo shark Chiloscyllium punctatum
MA Bernal, NL Sinai, C Rocha, MR Gaither, F Dunker, LA Rocha
Journal of fish biology 86 (3), 1171-1176, 2015
Massively parallel DNA sequencing: the new frontier in biogeography
LA Rocha, MA Bernal, MR Gaither, ME Alfaro
Frontiers of Biogeography 5 (1), 2013
Introgression and selection shaped the evolutionary history of sympatric sister‐species of coral reef fishes (genus: Haemulon)
MA Bernal, MR Gaither, WB Simison, LA Rocha
Molecular Ecology, 2016
Species-specific molecular responses of wild coral reef fishes during a marine heatwave
MA Bernal, C Schunter, R Lehmann, DJ Lightfoot, BJM Allan, HD Veilleux, ...
Science advances 6 (12), eaay3423, 2020
Phenotypic and molecular consequences of stepwise temperature increase across generations in a coral reef fish
MA Bernal, JM Donelson, HD Veilleux, T Ryu, PL Munday, T Ravasi
Molecular ecology 27 (22), 4516-4528, 2018
High prevalence of dermal parasites among coral reef fishes of Curaçao
MA Bernal, SR Floeter, MR Gaither, GO Longo, R Morais, CEL Ferreira, ...
Marine Biodiversity, DOI 10.1007/s12526-015-0322-z, 2015
Two deep evolutionary lineages in the circumtropical glasseye Heteropriacanthus cruentatus (Teleostei, Priacanthidae) with admixture in the south‐western Indian …
MR Gaither, MA Bernal, I Fernandez‐Silva, M Mwale, SA Jones, C Rocha, ...
Journal of fish biology 87 (3), 715-727, 2015
A coalescent sampler successfully detects biologically meaningful population structure overlooked by F‐statistics
ED Crandall, RJ Toonen, ToBo Laboratory, KA Selkoe
Evolutionary applications 12 (2), 255-265, 2019
Genomic, ecological, and morphological approaches to investigating species limits: A case study in modern taxonomy from Tropical Eastern Pacific surgeonfishes
WB Ludt, MA Bernal, E Kenworthy, E Salas, P Chakrabarty
Ecology and evolution 9 (7), 4001-4012, 2019
Nanopore amplicon sequencing reveals molecular convergence and local adaptation of rhodopsin in Great Lakes salmonids
KM Eaton, MA Bernal, NJC Backenstose, DL Yule, TJ Krabbenhoft
Genome biology and evolution 13 (2), evaa237, 2021
Transcriptomic divergence predicts morphological and ecological variation underlying an adaptive radiation
MA Bernal, DL Yule, W Stott, L Evrard, TE Dowling, TJ Krabbenhoft
bioRxiv, 2020
Comparative transcriptomics of sympatric species of coral reef fishes (genus: Haemulon)
MA Bernal, GB Dixon, MV Matz, LA Rocha
PeerJ 7, e6541, 2019
Unusual bilateral color pattern in a regal angelfish from the Red Sea
C Schunter, R Lehmann, M Bernal, T Ravasi
Bulletin of Marine Science 95 (1), 113-114, 2019
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