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Hatem F. Sindi, Ph.D., P.Eng., SMIEEE
Hatem F. Sindi, Ph.D., P.Eng., SMIEEE
Associate Professor, King Abdulaziz University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The effect of training and testing process on machine learning in biomedical datasets
MK Uçar, M Nour, H Sindi, K Polat
Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2020 (1), 2836236, 2020
A novel hybrid deep learning approach including combination of 1D power signals and 2D signal images for power quality disturbance classification
H Sindi, M Nour, M Rawa, Ş Öztürk, K Polat
Expert Systems with Applications 174, 114785, 2021
In vitro antioxidant activity of Ficus carica L. latex from 18 different cultivars
M Shahinuzzaman, Z Yaakob, FH Anuar, P Akhtar, NHA Kadir, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 10852, 2020
A detailed hydrothermal investigation of a helical micro double-tube heat exchanger for a wide range of helix pitch length
NH Abu-Hamdeh, RA Alsulami, MJH Rawa, AA Aljinaidi, MA Alazwari, ...
Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 28, 101413, 2021
Simulation of melting and solidification of graphene nanoparticles-PCM inside a dual tube heat exchanger with extended surface
A Abidi, M Rawa, Y Khetib, HFA Sindi, M Sharifpur, G Cheraghian
Journal of Energy Storage 44, 103265, 2021
Fuzzy logic-based direct load control scheme for air conditioning load to reduce energy consumption
ZA Shah, HF Sindi, A Ul-Haq, MA Ali
IEEE Access 8, 117413-117427, 2020
Random fully connected layered 1D CNN for solving the Z-bus loss allocation problem
H Sindi, M Nour, M Rawa, Ş Öztürk, K Polat
Measurement 171, 108794, 2021
Modeling and fault categorization in thin-film and crystalline PV arrays through multilayer neural network algorithm
A Ul-Haq, HF Sindi, S Gul, M Jalal
IEEE Access 8, 102235-102255, 2020
Optimal sizing and scheduling of mobile energy storage toward high penetration levels of renewable energy and fast charging stations
HMA Ahmed, HF Sindi, MA Azzouz, ASA Awad
IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion 37 (2), 1075-1086, 2021
Energy scenario in South Asia: analytical assessment and policy implications
A Ul-Haq, M Jalal, HF Sindi, S Ahmad
IEEE Access 8, 156190-156207, 2020
Estimation of parameters of different equivalent circuit models of solar cells and various photovoltaic modules using hybrid variants of honey badger algorithm and artificial …
M Rawa, A Abusorrah, Y Al-Turki, M Calasan, M Micev, ZM Ali, S Mekhilef, ...
Mathematics 10 (7), 1057, 2022
Effect of zinc doping on the optoelectronic properties of cadmium sulphide (CdS) thin films deposited by chemical bath deposition by utilising an alternative sulphur precursor
FT Munna, P Chelvanathan, K Sobayel, K Nurhafiza, DK Sarkar, M Nour, ...
Optik 218, 165197, 2020
Optoelectronic properties of electron beam-deposited NiOx thin films for solar cell application
AKM Hasan, K Sobayel, I Raifuku, Y Ishikawa, M Shahiduzzaman, M Nour, ...
Results in Physics 17, 103122, 2020
Robust control of adaptive power quality compensator in Multi-Microgrids for power quality enhancement using puzzle optimization algorithm
HF Sindi, S Alghamdi, M Rawa, AI Omar, AH Elmetwaly
Ain Shams Engineering Journal 14 (8), 102047, 2023
Annual performance analysis of small scale industrial waste heat assisted solar tower power plant and application of nanofluid
EM Salilih, NH Abu-Hamdeh, RA Alsulami, MJH Rawa, AA Aljinaidi, ...
Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 124, 216-227, 2021
Single diode solar cells—improved model and exact current–voltage analytical solution based on lambert’s W function
M Rawa, M Calasan, A Abusorrah, AA Alhussainy, Y Al-Turki, ZM Ali, ...
Sensors 22 (11), 4173, 2022
An adaptive deep learning framework to classify unknown composite power quality event using known single power quality events
H Sindi, M Nour, M Rawa, Ş Öztürk, K Polat
Expert Systems with Applications 178, 115023, 2021
A recent analytical approach for analysis of sub-synchronous resonance in doubly-fed induction generator-based wind farm
M Abdeen, H Li, S Kamel, A Khaled, M El-Dabah, M Kharrich, HF Sindi
IEEE Access 9, 68888-68897, 2021
Penetration of electric vehicles in Gulf region and its influence on energy and economy
HF Sindi, A Ul-Haq, MS Hassan, A Iqbal, M Jalal
IEEE Access 9, 89412-89431, 2021
Optimal PID controllers for AVR systems using hybrid simulated annealing and gorilla troops optimization
S Alghamdi, HF Sindi, M Rawa, AA Alhussainy, M Calasan, M Micev, ...
Fractal and Fractional 6 (11), 682, 2022
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