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Lee, Hyung Woo
Lee, Hyung Woo
Dept of Nanoenergy Engineering, Pusan National University, South Korea
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Highly stretchable, hysteresis-free ionic liquid-based strain sensor for precise human motion monitoring
DY Choi, MH Kim, YS Oh, SH Jung, JH Jung, HJ Sung, HW Lee, HM Lee
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (2), 1770-1780, 2017
Highly stretchable conductors and piezocapacitive strain gauges based on simple contact-transfer patterning of carbon nanotube forests
UH Shin, DW Jeong, SM Park, SH Kim, HW Lee, JM Kim
Carbon 80, 396-404, 2014
Wearable resistive pressure sensor based on highly flexible carbon composite conductors with irregular surface morphology
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High efficiency inorganic/organic hybrid tandem solar cells
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Nanoscale fabrication of a single multiwalled carbon nanotube attached atomic force microscope tip using an electric field
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Enhanced lithium storage by ZnFe2O4 nanofibers as anode materials for lithium-ion battery
Y Gao, L Yin, SJ Kim, H Yang, I Jeon, JP Kim, SY Jeong, HW Lee, ...
Electrochimica Acta 296, 565-574, 2019
Characteristic evaluation of Al2O3/CNTs hybrid materials for micro-electrical discharge machining
TAK Hyun-Seok, HA Chang-Seung, LEE Ho-Jun, LEE Hyung-Woo, ...
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A micro-chip initiator with controlled combustion reactivity realized by integrating Al/CuO nanothermite composites on a microhotplate platform
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Elastomer-infiltrated vertically aligned carbon nanotube film-based wavy-configured stretchable conductors
UH Shin, DW Jeong, SH Kim, HW Lee, JM Kim
ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (15), 12909-12914, 2014
The effect of the shape of a tip's apex on the fabrication of an AFM tip with an attached single carbon nanotube
HW Lee, SH Kim, YK Kwak, ES Lee, CS Han
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 125 (1), 41-49, 2005
Flash-ignitable nanoenergetic materials with tunable underwater explosion reactivity: the role of sea urchin-like carbon nanotubes
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Fabrication of robust, ultrathin and light weight, hydrophilic, PVDF-CNT membrane composite for salt rejection
V Dhand, SK Hong, L Li, JM Kim, SH Kim, KY Rhee, HW Lee
Composites Part B: Engineering 160, 632-643, 2019
Al-coated conductive fiber filters for high-efficiency electrostatic filtration: effects of electrical and fiber structural properties
DY Choi, EJ An, SH Jung, DK Song, YS Oh, HW Lee, HM Lee
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Stable hierarchical superhydrophobic surfaces based on vertically aligned carbon nanotube forests modified with conformal silicone coating
DW Jeong, UH Shin, JH Kim, SH Kim, HW Lee, JM Kim
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Asymmetric supercapacitor featuring carbon nanotubes and nickel hydroxide grown on carbon fabric: A study of self-discharging characteristics
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Transparent, flexible heater based on hybrid 2D platform of graphene and dry-spun carbon nanotubes
L Li, SK Hong, Y Jo, M Tian, CY Woo, SH Kim, JM Kim, HW Lee
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (17), 16223-16232, 2019
Enhanced photocatalytic activity of nanobarbed fibers treated with atmospheric pressure plasma using gas
HU Lee, K Ahn, SY Jeong, CR Cho, JP Kim, JS Bae, HG Kim, SH Kwon, ...
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Properties and tool performance of ta-C films deposited by double-bend filtered cathodic vacuum arc for micro drilling applications
MC Kang, HS Tak, YK Jeong, HW Lee, JS Kim
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Enhancement of linearity range of stretchable ultrasensitive metal crack strain sensor via superaligned carbon nanotube-based strain engineering
KH Kim, SK Hong, SH Ha, L Li, HW Lee, JM Kim
Materials Horizons 7 (10), 2662-2672, 2020
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