Ryan Doan
Ryan Doan
Boston Children's Hospital
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Large-scale exome sequencing study implicates both developmental and functional changes in the neurobiology of autism
FK Satterstrom, JA Kosmicki, J Wang, MS Breen, S De Rubeis, JY An, ...
Cell 180 (3), 568-584. e23, 2020
Single-cell analysis reveals transcriptional heterogeneity of neural progenitors in human cortex
MB Johnson, PP Wang, KD Atabay, EA Murphy, RN Doan, JL Hecht, ...
Nature neuroscience 18 (5), 637-646, 2015
Mutations in human accelerated regions disrupt cognition and social behavior
RN Doan, BI Bae, B Cubelos, C Chang, AA Hossain, S Al-Saad, ...
Cell 167 (2), 341-354. e12, 2016
Cell-type-specific alternative splicing governs cell fate in the developing cerebral cortex
X Zhang, MH Chen, X Wu, A Kodani, J Fan, R Doan, M Ozawa, J Ma, ...
Cell 166 (5), 1147-1162. e15, 2016
Novel transcriptome assembly and improved annotation of the whiteleg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei), a dominant crustacean in global seafood mariculture
N Ghaffari, A Sanchez-Flores, R Doan, KD Garcia-Orozco, PL Chen, ...
Scientific reports 4, 7081, 2014
Whole-genome sequencing and genetic variant analysis of a Quarter Horse mare
R Doan, ND Cohen, J Sawyer, N Ghaffari, CD Johnson, SV Dindot
BMC genomics 13 (1), 78, 2012
Biallelic mutations in human DCC cause developmental split-brain syndrome
SS Jamuar, K Schmitz-Abe, AM D'Gama, M Drottar, WM Chan, M Peeva, ...
Nature genetics 49 (4), 606-612, 2017
Identification of copy number variants in horses
R Doan, N Cohen, J Harrington, K Veazy, R Juras, G Cothran, ME McCue, ...
Genome research 22 (5), 899-907, 2012
Sodium channel SCN3A (NaV1. 3) regulation of human cerebral cortical folding and oral motor development
RS Smith, CJ Kenny, V Ganesh, A Jang, R Borges-Monroy, JN Partlow, ...
Neuron 99 (5), 905-913. e7, 2018
Recessive gene disruptions in autism spectrum disorder
RN Doan, ET Lim, S De Rubeis, C Betancur, DJ Cutler, AG Chiocchetti, ...
Nature genetics 51 (7), 1092, 2019
Pericytes or mesenchymal stem cells: is that the question?
E Cano, V Gebala, H Gerhardt
Cell stem cell 20 (3), 296-297, 2017
Novel genes for autism implicate both excitatory and inhibitory cell lineages in risk
FK Satterstrom, JA Kosmicki, J Wang, MS Breen, S De Rubeis, JY An, ...
bioRxiv, 484113, 2018
Identification of genomic loci associated with Rhodococcus equi susceptibility in foals
CM McQueen, R Doan, SV Dindot, JR Bourquin, ZZ Zlatev, MK Chaffin, ...
Plos one 9 (6), e98710, 2014
Identification of a novel CNTNAP1 mutation causing arthrogryposis multiplex congenita with cerebral and cerebellar atrophy
S Lakhani, R Doan, M Almureikhi, JN Partlow, M Al Saffar, MF Elsaid, ...
European journal of medical genetics 60 (5), 245-249, 2017
Genomic imprinting does not reduce the dosage of UBE3A in neurons
PR Hillman, SGB Christian, R Doan, ND Cohen, K Konganti, K Douglas, ...
Epigenetics & chromatin 10 (1), 1-14, 2017
Accurate detection of mosaic variants in sequencing data without matched controls
Y Dou, M Kwon, RE Rodin, I Cortés-Ciriano, R Doan, LJ Luquette, A Galor, ...
Nature Biotechnology 38 (3), 314-319, 2020
Nutritional programming of accelerated puberty in heifers: alterations in DNA methylation in the arcuate nucleus,
BRC Alves, RC Cardoso, R Doan, Y Zhang, SV Dindot, GL Williams, ...
Biology of reproduction 96 (1), 174-184, 2017
Micromanipulation reveals an XO‐XX sex determining system in the orb‐weaving spider Neoscona arabesca (Walckenaer)
RN Doan, LV Paliulis
Hereditas 146 (4), 180-182, 2009
Identification of a Candidate Mutation in the COL1A2 Gene of a Chow Chow With Osteogenesis Imperfecta
EM Quist, R Doan, RR Pool, BF Porter, DL Bannasch, SV Dindot
Journal of Heredity 109 (3), 308-314, 2018
Beliefs in vaccine as causes of autism among SPARK cohort caregivers
E Fombonne, RP Goin-Kochel, BJ O'Roak, L Abbeduto, G Aberbach, ...
Vaccine 38 (7), 1794-1803, 2020
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