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M. Suha Yazici
M. Suha Yazici
TUBITAK-Marmara Research Center
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A mobile renewable house using PV/wind/fuel cell hybrid power system
M Eroglu, E Dursun, S Sevencan, J Song, S Yazici, O Kilic
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Status and development of PEM fuel cell technology
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Flexible graphite as battery anode and current collector
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A mobile off-grid platform powered with photovoltaic/wind/battery/fuel cell hybrid power systems
MS Yazici, HA Yavasoglu, M Eroglu
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Functionalized nanoscale materials, devices and systems
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Passive air management for cylindrical cartridge fuel cells
MS Yazici
Journal of power sources 166 (1), 137-142, 2007
Development of boron-based hydrogen and fuel cell system for small unmanned aerial vehicle
E Okumus, FGB San, O Okur, BE Turk, E Cengelci, M Kilic, C Karadag, ...
international journal of hydrogen energy 42 (4), 2691-2697, 2017
Fuel cell power packs and methods of making such packs
M Yazici
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Oxidation-lithiation of nickel, iron and cobalt in contact with molten carbonate
MS Yazici, JR Selman
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Hydrogen and fuel cell activities at UNIDO-ICHET
MS Yazici
International journal of hydrogen energy 35 (7), 2754-2761, 2010
Carbonaceous coatings on flexible graphite materials
R Reynolds, M Yazici
US Patent App. 10/326,464, 2004
Mass transfer layer for liquid fuel cells
MS Yazici
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Expanded graphite–epoxy–flexible silica composite bipolar plates for PEM fuel cells
B Dursun, F Yaren, B Unveroglu, S Yazici, F Dundar
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Perforated cylindrical fuel cells
MS Yazici, RA Mercuri, RA Reynolds III
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Dissolution of partially immersed nickel during in-situ oxidation in molten carbonate: cyclic, stripping and square wave voltammetry measurements
MS Yazici, JR Selman
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UNIDO-ICHET support to hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in Turkey
MS Yazici
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Ultralow Pt loading on CVD graphene for acid electrolytes and PEM fuel cells
MS Yazici, MA Azder, O Salihoglu, FGB San
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CVD grown graphene as catalyst for acid electrolytes
MS Yazici, MA Azder, O Salihoglu
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 43 (23), 10710-10716, 2018
Immobilized glucose oxidase biofuel cell anode by MWCNTs, ferrocene, and polyethylenimine: Electrochemical performance
T Bahar, MS Yazici
Asia‐Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering 13 (1), e2149, 2018
CVD graphene supported cobalt (II) phthalocyanine as cathode electrocatalyst for PEM fuel cells
S Dursun, RG Akay, MS Yazici
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 45 (60), 34837-34844, 2020
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