Harun Ciftci
Harun Ciftci
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Biological treatment of cyanide by natural isolated bacteria (Pseudomonas sp.)
A Akcil, AG Karahan, H Ciftci, O Sagdic
Minerals engineering 16 (7), 643-649, 2003
Adsorption of basic dye from aqueous solutions by modified sepiolite: equilibrium, kinetics and thermodynamics study
E Eren, O Cubuk, H Ciftci, B Eren, B Caglar
Desalination 252 (1-3), 88-96, 2010
Separation and solid phase extraction method for the determination of cadmium in environmental samples
H Ciftci
Desalination 263 (1-3), 18-22, 2010
Solid phase extraction method for the determination of cobalt in water samples on duolite XAD-761 resin using 4-(2-Pyridylazo) resorcinol by FAAS
H Ciftci
Current Analytical Chemistry 6 (2), 154-160, 2010
Enrichment and determination of Ni2+ ions in water samples with a diamino-4-(4-nitro-phenylazo)-1H-pyrazole (PDANP) by using FAAS
H Ciftci, H Yalcin, E Eren, A Olcucu, M Sekerci
Desalination 256 (1-3), 48-53, 2010
Separation and Preconcentration of Cobalt Using a New Schiff Base Derivative on Amberlite XAD‐7
H Ciftci
Clean–Soil, air, water 38 (7), 657-662, 2010
Fatty acids, protein contents and metal composition of some feed crops from Turkey
A Bakoğlu, E Bağcı, H Ciftci
Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment, 2009
Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of a new series of thiazolyl-pyrazolines as dual EGFR and HER2 inhibitors
B Sever, MD Altıntop, MO Radwan, A Özdemir, M Otsuka, M Fujita, ...
European journal of medicinal chemistry 182, 111648, 2019
Determination of fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements in Pistacia terebinthus coffee
H Ciftci, A Ozkaya, E Kariptas
Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment 7 (3-4), 72-74, 2009
Solid-phase extraction and separation procedure for trace aluminum in water samples and its determination by high-resolution continuum source flame atomic absorption …
H Ciftci, C Er
Environmental monitoring and assessment 185 (3), 2745-2753, 2013
Determination of iron, copper, cadmium and zinc in some cigarette brands in Turkey
H Çi̇ftçi̇, A Ölçücü
Vitamin, trace element, and fatty acid levels of Vitex agnus-castus L., Juniperus oxycedrus L., and Papaver somniferum L. plant seeds
A Ozkaya, H Ciftci, O Yilmaz, A Zafer Tel, E Cil, BS Cevrimli
Journal of Chemistry 2013, 2013
Preconcentration of aluminum on nano ZrO2/B2O3 and its determination by flame atomic absorption spectrometry
Ö Yalçınkaya, H Erdoğan, H Çiftçi, AR Türker
Spectroscopy Letters 45 (5), 344-351, 2012
The effects of aromatherapy using rose oil (Rosa damascena Mill.) on preoperative anxiety: A prospective randomized clinical trial
R Dagli, M Avcu, M Metin, S Kiymaz, H Ciftci
European Journal of Integrative Medicine 26, 37-42, 2019
Chemical composition of Nigella sativa L. seeds used as a medical aromatic plant from East Anatolia Region, Turkey
H Vatansev, H Ciftci, A Ozkaya, B Ozturk, N Evliyaoglu, A Kiyici
Asian journal of chemistry 25 (10), 5490-5492, 2013
The effect of lipoic acid on macro and trace metal levels in living tissues exposed to oxidative stress
H Ciftci, U Bakal
Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry (Formerly Current Medicinal …, 2009
Levels of fat-soluble vitamins in some foods
H Çiftçi, A Özkaya, BS Çevrimli, A Bakoğlu
Asian Journal of Chemistry Vol. 22, No. 2 (2010), 1251-1256, 2010
Effects of fermentation conditions on citric acid production from beet molasses by Aspergillus niger
BS Cevrimli, E Kariptas, H Ciftci
Asian Journal of Chemistry 21 (4), 3211-3218, 2009
Optimization of analytical parameters for determination of iron, nickel and cobalt in plants with RP-HPLC
Asian Journal of Chemistry 21 (4), 2643-2652, 2009
Production of microporous Cu-doped BTC (Cu-BTC) metal-organic framework composite materials, superior adsorbents for the removal of methylene blue (Basic Blue 9)
MŞA Eren, H Arslanoğlu, H Çiftçi
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 8 (5), 104247, 2020
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