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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Swellable matrices for controlled drug delivery: gel-layer behaviour, mechanisms and optimal performance
P Colombo, R Bettini, P Santi, NA Peppas
Pharmaceutical science & technology today 3 (6), 198-204, 2000
Analysis of the swelling and release mechanisms from drug delivery systems with emphasis on drug solubility and water transport
P Colombo, R Bettini, P Santi, A De Ascentiis, NA Peppas
Journal of controlled release 39 (2-3), 231-237, 1996
Drug diffusion front movement is important in drug release control from swellable matrix tablets
P Colombo, R Bettini, G Massimo, PL Catellani, P Santi, NA Peppas
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Dispersion of microemulsion drops in HEMA hydrogel: a potential ophthalmic drug delivery vehicle
D Gulsen, A Chauhan
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Observation of swelling process and diffusion front position during swelling in hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) matrices containing a soluble drug
P Colombo, R Bettini, NA Peppas
Journal of Controlled Release 61 (1-2), 83-91, 1999
Translocation of drug particles in HPMC matrix gel layer: effect of drug solubility and influence on release rate
R Bettini, PL Catellani, P Santi, G Massimo, NA Peppas, P Colombo
Journal of Controlled Release 70 (3), 383-391, 2001
Lecithin/chitosan nanoparticles of clobetasol-17-propionate capable of accumulation in pig skin
T Şenyiğit, F Sonvico, S Barbieri, Ö Özer, P Santi, P Colombo
Journal of Controlled Release 142 (3), 368-373, 2010
Bioadhesive film for the transdermal delivery of lidocaine: in vitro and in vivo behavior
C Padula, G Colombo, S Nicoli, PL Catellani, G Massimo, P Santi
Journal of Controlled Release 88 (2), 277-285, 2003
Drug volume fraction profile in the gel phase and drug release kinetics in hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose matrices containing a soluble drug
P Colombo, R Bettini, PL Catellani, P Santi, NA Peppas
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Reverse iontophoresis—Parameters determining electroosmotic flow: I. pH and ionic strength
P Santi, RH Guy
Journal of Controlled Release 38 (2-3), 159-165, 1996
Porcine sclera as a model of human sclera for in vitro transport experiments: histology, SEM, and comparative permeability
S Nicoli, G Ferrari, M Quarta, C Macaluso, P Govoni, D Dallatana, P Santi
Molecular vision 15, 259, 2009
Drug release from swelling-controlled systems
P Colombo, P Santi, R Bettini, CS Brazel, NA Peppas
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The surface roughness of lactose particles can be modulated by wet-smoothing using a high-shear mixer
F Ferrari, D Cocconi, R Bettini, F Giordano, P Santi, M Tobyn, R Price, ...
Aaps Pharmscitech 5 (4), 69-74, 2004
Buccal delivery of thiocolchicoside: in vitro and in vivo permeation studies
M Artusi, P Santi, P Colombo, HE Junginger
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Design of triptorelin loaded nanospheres for transdermal iontophoretic administration
S Nicoli, P Santi, P Couvreur, G Couarraze, P Colombo, E Fattal
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Single-layer transdermal film containing lidocaine: modulation of drug release
C Padula, S Nicoli, P Colombo, P Santi
European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics 66 (3), 422-428, 2007
In vitro acyclovir distribution in human skin layers after transdermal iontophoresis
NM Volpato, S Nicoli, C Laureri, P Colombo, P Santi
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Association of nicotinamide with parabens: effect on solubility, partition and transdermal permeation
S Nicoli, F Zani, S Bilzi, R Bettini, P Santi
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In vitro skin permeation and retention of parabens from cosmetic formulations
S Pedersen, F Marra, S Nicoli, P Santi
International journal of cosmetic science 29 (5), 361-367, 2007
Effect of chemical enhancers and iontophoresis on thiocolchicoside permeation across rabbit and human skin in vitro
M Artusi, S Nicoli, P Colombo, R Bettini, A Sacchi, P Santi
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 93 (10), 2431-2438, 2004
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