Srabani Mishra
Srabani Mishra
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Green synthesis of silver nanoparticle by Penicillium purpurogenum NPMF: the process and optimization
RR Nayak, N Pradhan, D Behera, KM Pradhan, S Mishra, LB Sukla, ...
Journal of Nanoparticle Research 13 (8), 3129-3137, 2011
Organically modified silica: Synthesis and applications due to its surface interaction with organic molecules
S Dash, S Mishra, S Patel, BK Mishra
Advances in colloid and interface science 140 (2), 77-94, 2008
A new strongly flow birefringent surfactant system
BK Mishra, SD Samant, P Pradhan, SB Mishra, C Manohar
Langmuir 9 (4), 894-898, 1993
Marine microfiber pollution: a review on present status and future challenges
S Mishra, C charan Rath, AP Das
Marine pollution bulletin 140, 188-197, 2019
A fuzzy goal-programming model of machine-tool selection and operation allocation problem in FMS: a quick converging simulated annealing-based approach
S Mishra, Prakash, MK Tiwari, RS Lashkari
International Journal of Production Research 44 (1), 43-76, 2006
Extraction of copper from copper slag: Mineralogical insights, physical beneficiation and bioleaching studies
S Panda, S Mishra, DS Rao, N Pradhan, U Mohapatra, S Angadi, ...
Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering 32 (4), 667-676, 2015
Sarcopenic obesity with metabolic syndrome: a newly recognized entity following living donor liver transplantation
NS Choudhary, S Saigal, N Saraf, R Mohanka, A Rastogi, S Goja, ...
Clinical transplantation 29 (3), 211-215, 2015
Effect of native bacteria Sinomonas flava 1C and Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans on desulphurization of Meghalaya coal and its combustion properties
S Mishra, PP Panda, N Pradhan, D Satapathy, U Subudhi, SK Biswal, ...
Fuel 117, 415-421, 2014
An analysis of costs of parabolic trough technology in India
P Krishnamurthy, S Mishra, R Banerjee
Energy Policy 48, 407-419, 2012
Reductive dissolution by waste newspaper for enhanced meso-acidophilic bioleaching of copper from low grade chalcopyrite: A new concept of biohydrometallurgy
S Panda, A Biswal, S Mishra, PK Panda, N Pradhan, U Mohapatra, ...
Hydrometallurgy 153, 98-105, 2015
Application of an advanced repetitive controller to mitigate harmonics in MMC with APOD scheme
S Madichetty, A Dasgupta, S Mishra, CK Panigrahi, G Basha
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 31 (9), 6112-6121, 2015
Design of high performance PFETs with strained Si channel and laser anneal
Z Luo, YF Chong, J Kim, N Rovedo, B Greene, S Panda, T Sato, J Holt, ...
IEEE InternationalElectron Devices Meeting, 2005. IEDM Technical Digest …, 2005
Synergistic effect of biogenic Fe3+ coupled to S° oxidation on simultaneous bioleaching of Cu, Co, Zn and As from hazardous Pyrite Ash Waste
S Panda, A Akcil, S Mishra, C Erust
Journal of hazardous materials 325, 59-70, 2017
Novel enhanced stressor with graded embedded SiGe source/drain for high performance CMOS devices
M Ieong, J Sudijono, JH Ku, D Shum, M Hierlemann, R Amos, G Chiulli, ...
2006 International Electron Devices Meeting, 1-4, 2006
Biodegradation of dibenzothiophene and its application in the production of clean coal
S Mishra, N Pradhan, S Panda, A Akcil
Fuel Processing Technology 152, 325-342, 2016
Design and simulation of a solar–wind–biogas hybrid system architecture using HOMER in India
S Mishra, CK Panigrahi, DP Kothari
International Journal of Ambient Energy 37 (2), 184-191, 2016
Effect of drotaverine on cervical dilatation: a comparative study with epidosin (valethamate bromide)
SL Mishra, A Toshniwal, R Banerjee
J Obstet Gynecol India 52 (3), 76-79, 2002
Charge-induced nematic-isotropic transition in mixed surfactant solutions
S Mishra, BK Mishra, SD Samant, J Narayanan, C Manohar
Langmuir 9 (11), 2804-2807, 1993
Grafting of vinyl monomers onto natural rubber. I. Graft copolymerization of methyl methacrylate onto natural rubber using quinquevalent vanadium ion as the initiator
S Lenka, PL Nayak, AP Das, SN Mishra
Journal of applied polymer science 30 (1), 429-433, 1985
A multi-agent system approach for optimal microgrid expansion planning under uncertainty
S Mishra, C Bordin, A Tomasgard, I Palu
International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems 109, 696-709, 2019
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