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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Predicting hurricane power outages to support storm response planning
SD Guikema, R Nateghi, SM Quiring, A Staid, AC Reilly, M Gao
Ieee Access 2, 1364-1373, 2014
Simulation of tropical cyclone impacts to the US power system under climate change scenarios
A Staid, SD Guikema, R Nateghi, SM Quiring, MZ Gao
Climatic change 127 (3), 535-546, 2014
The IEEE reliability test system: A proposed 2019 update
C Barrows, A Bloom, A Ehlen, J Ikäheimo, J Jorgenson, D Krishnamurthy, ...
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 35 (1), 119-127, 2019
Generating short‐term probabilistic wind power scenarios via nonparametric forecast error density estimators
A Staid, JP Watson, RJB Wets, DL Woodruff
Wind Energy 20 (12), 1911-1925, 2017
Statistical analysis of installed wind capacity in the United States
A Staid, SD Guikema
Energy Policy 60, 378-385, 2013
Constructing probabilistic scenarios for wide-area solar power generation
DL Woodruff, J Deride, A Staid, JP Watson, G Slevogt, C Silva-Monroy
Solar Energy 160, 153-167, 2018
Risk analysis for US offshore wind farms: the need for an integrated approach
A Staid, SD Guikema
Risk Analysis 35 (4), 587-593, 2015
Stochastic unit commitment performance considering Monte Carlo wind power scenarios
B Rachunok, A Staid, JP Watson, DL Woodruff, D Yang
2018 IEEE international conference on probabilistic methods applied to power …, 2018
Probabilistic maximum‐value wind prediction for offshore environments
A Staid, P Pinson, SD Guikema
Wind Energy 18 (10), 1725-1738, 2015
Mixed-integer programming models for optimal constellation scheduling given cloud cover uncertainty
CG Valicka, D Garcia, A Staid, JP Watson, G Hackebeil, S Rathinam, ...
European Journal of Operational Research 275 (2), 431-445, 2019
Analysis of microgrid locations benefitting community resilience for Puerto Rico
RF Jeffers, MJ Baca, A Wachtel, S DeRosa, A Staid, WE Fogleman, ...
Sandia National Lab.(SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States), 2018
A comparison of methods for assessing power output in non‐uniform onshore wind farms
A Staid, C VerHulst, SD Guikema
Wind Energy 21 (1), 42-52, 2018
The use of simulation to reduce the domain of “black swans” with application to hurricane impacts to power systems
CL Berner, A Staid, R Flage, SD Guikema
Risk analysis 37 (10), 1879-1897, 2017
Stormwindmodel: Model Tropical Cyclone Wind Speeds
B Anderson, A Schumacher, S Guikema, S Quiring, J Ferreri, A Staid, ...
Tutorial: parallel computing of simulation models for risk analysis
AC Reilly, A Staid, M Gao, SD Guikema
Risk Analysis 36 (10), 1844-1854, 2016
Investment optimization to improve power system resilience
BJ Pierre, B Arguello, A Staid, RT Guttromson
2018 IEEE International Conference on Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power …, 2018
Assessment of wind power scenario creation methods for stochastic power systems operations
B Rachunok, A Staid, JP Watson, DL Woodruff
Applied Energy 268, 114986, 2020
Improving wind power prediction intervals using vendor-supplied probabilistic forecast information
S Nitsche, CA Silva-Monroy, A Staid, JP Watson, S Winner, DL Woodruff
2017 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting, 1-5, 2017
Proactive Operations and Investment Planning via Stochastic Optimization to Enhance Power Systems’ Extreme Weather Resilience
M Bynum, A Staid, B Arguello, A Castillo, B Knueven, CD Laird, ...
Journal of Infrastructure Systems 27 (2), 04021004, 2021
Statistical models of dengue fever
H Link, SN Richter, VJ Leung, RC Brost, CA Phillips, A Staid
Australasian Conference on Data Mining, 175-186, 2018
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