Fabrice Dabertrand
Fabrice Dabertrand
Associate Professor University of Colorado | Anschutz Medical Campus
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Capillary K+-sensing initiates retrograde hyperpolarization to increase local cerebral blood flow
TA Longden, F Dabertrand, M Koide, AL Gonzales, NR Tykocki, ...
Nature neuroscience 20 (5), 717-726, 2017
Acidosis dilates brain parenchymal arterioles by conversion of calcium waves to sparks to activate BK channels
F Dabertrand, MT Nelson, JE Brayden
Circulation research 110 (2), 285-294, 2012
A PLCγ1-dependent, force-sensitive signaling network in the myogenic constriction of cerebral arteries
AL Gonzales, Y Yang, MN Sullivan, L Sanders, F Dabertrand, ...
Science signaling 7 (327), ra49-ra49, 2014
Stress-induced glucocorticoid signaling remodels neurovascular coupling through impairment of cerebrovascular inwardly rectifying K+ channel function
TA Longden, F Dabertrand, DC Hill-Eubanks, SE Hammack, MT Nelson
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (20), 7462-7467, 2014
Potassium channelopathy-like defect underlies early-stage cerebrovascular dysfunction in a genetic model of small vessel disease
F Dabertrand, C Krøigaard, AD Bonev, E Cognat, T Dalsgaard, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (7), E796-E805, 2015
Mechanistic insights into a TIMP3-sensitive pathway constitutively engaged in the regulation of cerebral hemodynamics
C Capone, F Dabertrand, C Baron-Menguy, A Chalaris, L Ghezali, ...
Elife 5, e17536, 2016
Strain differences in hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenocortical axis function and adipogenic effects of corticosterone in rats
N Marissal-Arvy, A Gaumont, A Langlois, F Dabertrand, M Bouchecareilh, ...
Journal of Endocrinology 195 (3), 473-484, 2007
Modulation of calcium signalling by dominant negative splice variant of ryanodine receptor subtype 3 in native smooth muscle cells
F Dabertrand, JL Morel, V Sorrentino, J Mironneau, C Mironneau, ...
Cell calcium 40 (1), 11-21, 2006
Ryanodine receptors, calcium signaling, and regulation of vascular tone in the cerebral parenchymal microcirculation
F Dabertrand, MT Nelson, JE Brayden
Microcirculation 20 (4), 307-316, 2013
Prostaglandin E2, a Postulated Astrocyte-Derived Neurovascular Coupling Agent, Constricts Rather than Dilates Parenchymal Arterioles
F Dabertrand, RM Hannah, JM Pearson, DC Hill-Eubanks, JE Brayden, ...
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 33 (4), 479-482, 2013
Endothelial GqPCR activity controls capillary electrical signaling and brain blood flow through PIP2 depletion
OF Harraz, TA Longden, F Dabertrand, D Hill-Eubanks, MT Nelson
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (15), E3569-E3577, 2018
Role of RYR3 splice variants in calcium signaling in mouse nonpregnant and pregnant myometrium
F Dabertrand, N Fritz, J Mironneau, N Macrez, JL Morel
American Journal of Physiology-Cell Physiology 293 (3), C848-C854, 2007
Spaceflight regulates ryanodine receptor subtype 1 in portal vein myocytes in the opposite way of hypertension
F Dabertrand, Y Porte, N Macrez, JL Morel
Journal of applied physiology 112 (3), 471-480, 2012
Full length ryanodine receptor subtype 3 encodes spontaneous calcium oscillations in native duodenal smooth muscle cells
F Dabertrand, J Mironneau, N Macrez, JL Morel
Cell calcium 44 (2), 180-189, 2008
Changes in cerebral arteries and parenchymal arterioles with aging: role of rho kinase 2 and impact of genetic background
TM De Silva, ML Modrick, F Dabertrand, FM Faraci
Hypertension 71 (5), 921-927, 2018
Isolation and cannulation of cerebral parenchymal arterioles
PW Pires, F Dabertrand, S Earley
JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), e53835, 2016
The capillary Kir channel as sensor and amplifier of neuronal signals: Modeling insights on K+-mediated neurovascular communication
A Moshkforoush, B Ashenagar, OF Harraz, F Dabertrand, TA Longden, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (28), 16626-16637, 2020
The yin and yang of KV channels in cerebral small vessel pathologies
M Koide, A Moshkforoush, NM Tsoukias, DC Hill‐Eubanks, GC Wellman, ...
Microcirculation 25 (1), e12436, 2018
The decrease of expression of ryanodine receptor sub‐type 2 is reversed by gentamycin sulphate in vascular myocytes from mdx mice
JL Morel, F Dabertrand, N Fritz, M Henaff, J Mironneau, N Macrez
Journal of cellular and molecular medicine 13 (9b), 3122-3130, 2009
Blood brain barrier precludes the cerebral arteries to intravenously-injected antisense oligonucleotide
R Boursereau, A Donadieu, F Dabertrand, D Dubayle, JL Morel
European journal of pharmacology 747, 141-149, 2015
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