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Matt Motyl
Matt Motyl
Diğer adlarMatthew Motyl, Matthew S Motyl
Integrity Institute; Psychology of Technology Institute; University of Southern California
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science
Open Science Collaboration
Science 349 (6251), aac4716, 2015
Moral foundations theory: The pragmatic validity of moral pluralism
J Graham, J Haidt, S Koleva, M Motyl, R Iyer, SP Wojcik, PH Ditto
Advances in Experimental Social Psychology, 2013
Scientific utopia: II. Restructuring incentives and practices to promote truth over publishability
BA Nosek, JR Spies, M Motyl
Perspectives on Psychological Science 7 (6), 615-631, 2012
An open, large-scale, collaborative effort to estimate the reproducibility of psychological science
Open Science Collaboration
Perspectives on Psychological Science 7, 657-660, 2012
How ideological migration geographically segregates groups
M Motyl, R Iyer, S Oishi, S Trawalter, BA Nosek
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 51, 1-14, 2014
Liberals and conservatives are similarly motivated to avoid exposure to one another's opinions
JA Frimer, LJ Skitka, M Motyl
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 72, 1-12, 2017
Conservatives report, but liberals display, greater happiness
SP Wojcik, A Hovasapian, J Graham, M Motyl, PH Ditto
Science 347 (6227), 1243-1246, 2015
Social and economic ideologies differentially predict prejudice across the political spectrum, but social issues are most divisive
JT Crawford, M Brandt, Y Inbar, J Chambers, M Motyl
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 112, 383-412, 2017
Subtle priming of shared human experiences eliminates threat-induced negativity toward Arabs, immigrants, and peace-making
M Motyl, J Hart, T Pyszczynski, D Weise, M Maxfield, A Siedel
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 47 (6), 1179-1184, 2011
Moral Foundations Theory: On the advantages of moral pluralism over moral monism
J Graham, J Haidt, M Motyl, P Meindl, C Iskiwitch, M Mooijman
Atlas of moral psychology, 211-222, 2018
Cumulative and career-stage citation impact of social-personality psychology programs and their members
BA Nosek, J Graham, NM Lindner, S Kesebir, CB Hawkins, C Hahn, ...
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 36 (10), 1283-1300, 2010
The aftermath of destruction: Images of destroyed buildings increase support for war, dogmatism, and death thought accessibility
KE Vail III, J Arndt, M Motyl, T Pyszczynski
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 48 (5), 1069-1081, 2012
The pipeline project: Pre-publication independent replications of a single laboratory's research pipeline
M Schweinsberg, N Madan, M Vianello, SA Sommer, J Jordan, W Tierney, ...
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 66, 55-67, 2016
The State of Social and Personality Science: Rotten to the Core, Not so Bad, Getting Better, or Getting Worse?
M Motyl, AP Demos, TS Carsel, BE Hanson, ZJ Melton, AB Mueller, ...
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 2017
Bleeding-heart liberals and hard-hearted conservatives: Subtle political dehumanization through differential attributions of human nature and human uniqueness traits
J Crawford, S Modri, M Motyl
Journal of Social and Political Psychology, 2013
Moral concerns and policy attitudes: Investigating the influence of elite rhetoric
S Clifford, J Jerit, C Rainey, M Motyl
Political Communication 32 (2), 229-248, 2015
Liberals and Conservatives are (Geographically) Dividing
M Motyl
Motyl, M.(in press). Liberals and conservatives are (geographically …, 2016
Investigating the links between cultural values and belief in conspiracy theories: The key roles of collectivism and masculinity
J Adam‐Troian, P Wagner‐Egger, M Motyl, T Arciszewski, R Imhoff, ...
Political Psychology 42 (4), 597-618, 2021
“If he wins, I'm moving to Canada”: Ideological migration threats following the 2012 US Presidential Election
M Motyl
Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy 14 (1), 123-136, 2014
When animals attack: The effects of mortality salience, infrahumanization of violence, and authoritarianism on support for war
M Motyl, J Hart, T Pyszczynski
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 46 (1), 200-203, 2010
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