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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Interrelationships between income, health and the environment: extending the Environmental Kuznets Curve hypothesis
L Gangadharan, MR Valenzuela
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D Chotikapanich, R Valenzuela, DSP Rao
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Economic development in Asia [Book]
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Thomson, 2009
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MRJ Valenzuela
Family Matters, 71-76, 1999
Evaluating the Distributional Implications of Price Movements: Methodology, Application and Australian Evidence
A Nicholas, R Ray, MR Valenzuela
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Ethnic diversity and firm performance: Evidence from China’s materials and industrial sectors
SA Churchill, MR Valenzuela, W Sablah
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MR Valenzuela, HH Lean, G Athanasopoulos
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Financial integration in Africa: New evidence using network approach
M Bhattacharya, JN Inekwe, MR Valenzuela
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JT McDonald, MR Valenzuela
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W Griffiths, MR Valenzuela
ADVANCES IN ECONOMETRICS, VOL 13 1998 13, 75-102, 1998
Engel Scales for Australia, the Philippines and Thailand: a comparative analysis
MRJ Valenzuela
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Global financial network and liquidity risk
JN Inekwe, Y Jin, MR Valenzuela
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MR Valenzuela WE Griffiths
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics 48 (3), 335-351, 2006
Alternative Approaches to the Estimation of Household Equivalence Scales: An Australian Application
MR Valenzuela
Financial integration and banking crisis. A critical analysis of restrictions on capital flows
JN Inekwe, MR Valenzuela
The World Economy 43 (2), 506-527, 2020
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