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Jaber Abu Qudeiri
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Alıntı yapanlar
A review on AA 6061 metal matrix composites produced by stir casting
A Kareem, JA Qudeiri, A Abdudeen, T Ahammed, A Ziout
Materials 14 (1), 175, 2021
Electric discharge machining of titanium and its alloys
JE Abu Qudeiri, AHI Mourad, A Ziout, MH Abidi, A Elkaseer
The international journal of advanced manufacturing technology 96, 1319-1339, 2018
Advanced electric discharge machining of stainless steels: Assessment of the state of the art, gaps and future prospect
JE Abu Qudeiri, A Saleh, A Ziout, AHI Mourad, MH Abidi, A Elkaseer
Materials 12 (6), 907, 2019
Performance investigation of a salt gradient solar pond coupled with desalination facility near the Dead Sea
A Saleh, JA Qudeiri, MA Al-Nimr
Energy 36 (2), 922-931, 2011
Optimization of operation sequence in CNC machine tools using genetic algorithm
JA Qudeiri, H Yamamoto, R Ramli
Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems, and Manufacturing 1 (2), 272-282, 2007
Principles and characteristics of different EDM processes in machining tool and die steels
JEA Qudeiri, A Zaiout, AHI Mourad, MH Abidi, A Elkaseer
Applied sciences 10 (6), 2082, 2020
Modeling machining of particle-reinforced aluminum-based metal matrix composites using cohesive zone elements
U Umer, M Ashfaq, JA Qudeiri, HMA Hussein, SN Danish, AR Al-Ahmari
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 78, 1171-1179, 2015
Photocatalytic removal of methylene blue using titania-and silica-coated magnetic nanoparticles
S Dagher, A Soliman, A Ziout, N Tit, A Hilal-Alnaqbi, S Khashan, ...
Materials Research Express 5 (6), 065518, 2018
Recent advances and perceptive insights into powder-mixed dielectric fluid of EDM
A Abdudeen, JE Abu Qudeiri, A Kareem, T Ahammed, A Ziout
Micromachines 11 (8), 754, 2020
Genetic algorithm for buffer size and work station capacity in serial-parallel production lines
J Abu Qudeiri, H Yamamoto, R Ramli, A Jamali
Artificial Life and Robotics 12, 102-106, 2008
Friction stir welding of T-joints: Experimental and statistical analysis
I Sabry, AM El-Kassas, AHI Mourad, DT Thekkuden, J Abu Qudeiri
Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing 3 (2), 38, 2019
Optimal scheduling of flexible manufacturing system using improved lion-based hybrid machine learning approach
MH Abidi, H Alkhalefah, MK Mohammed, U Umer, JEA Qudeiri
Ieee Access 8, 96088-96114, 2020
Definition of FTL with bypass lines and its simulator for buffer size decision
H Yamamoto, JA Qudeiri, E Marui
International Journal of Production Economics 112 (1), 18-25, 2008
Effect of different cooling strategies on surface quality and power consumption in finishing end milling of stainless steel 316
AT Abbas, S Anwar, E Abdelnasser, M Luqman, JEA Qudeiri, A Elkaseer
Materials 14 (4), 903, 2021
Second order sliding mode control of the coupled tanks system
F Abu Khadra, J Abu Qudeiri
Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2015 (1), 167852, 2015
Multi-objective optimization of oblique turning operations using finite element model and genetic algorithm
U Umer, JA Qudeiri, HAM Hussein, AA Khan, AR Al-Ahmari
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 71, 593-603, 2014
Tool routing path optimization for multi-hole drilling based on ant colony optimization
KD Narooei, R Ramli, MZ Rahman, F Iberahim, JA Qudeiri
World Applied Sciences Journal 32 (9), 1894-1898, 2014
Wear behaviour of grey cast iron with the presence of copper addition
S Abdou, A Elkaseer, H Kouta, J Abu Qudeiri
Advances in Mechanical Engineering 10 (10), 1687814018804741, 2018
Abrasive jet drilling of glass sheets: Effect and optimisation of process parameters on kerf taper
A Nassef, A Elkaseer, ES Abdelnasser, M Negm, JA Qudeiri
Advances in Mechanical Engineering 10 (1), 1687814017748435, 2018
Optimization hole-cutting operations sequence in CNC machine tools using GA
JEA Qudeiri, AM Raid, MA Jamali, H Yamamoto
2006 International conference on service systems and service management 1 …, 2006
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