Fahri Yetişir
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Early versus delayed laparoscopic cholecystectomy for acute cholecystitis: a prospective, randomized study
AB Özkardeş, M Tokaç, EG Dumlu, B Bozkurt, AB Çiftçi, F Yetişir, M Kılıç
International surgery 99 (1), 56-61, 2014
Use of dynamic wound closure system in conjunction with vacuum-assisted closure therapy in delayed closure of open abdomen
AE Salman, F Yetişir, M Aksoy, M Tokaç, MB Yildirim, M Kiliç
Hernia 18 (1), 99-104, 2014
Efficacy of ultrasonography in identification of non-recurrent laryngeal nerve
F Yetisir, AE Salman, B Çiftçi, A Teber, M Kiliç
International Journal of Surgery 10 (9), 506-509, 2012
Limberg flap is better for the surgical treatment of pilonidal sinus. Results of a 767 patients series with an at least five years follow-up period
G Osmanoglu, F Yetisir
Chirurgia (Bucur) 106 (4), 491-494, 2011
The efficacy of the semi-blind approach of transversus abdominis plane block on postoperative analgesia in patients undergoing inguinal hernia repair: a prospective randomized …
AE Salman, F Yetişir, B Yürekli, M Aksoy, M Yildirim, M Kiliç
Local and regional anesthesia 6, 1, 2013
Prophylactic ozone administration reduces intestinal mucosa injury induced by intestinal ischemia-reperfusion in the rat
O Onal, F Yetisir, A Sarer, ND Zeybek, CO Onal, B Yurekli, HT Celik, ...
Mediators of inflammation 2015, 2015
The impact of pretreatment with bolus dose of enteral glutamine on acute lung injury induced by oleic acid in rats
AE Salman, F Yetişir, M Kılıç, Ö Önal, A Dostbil, D Zeybek, M Aksoy, ...
Journal of anesthesia 28 (3), 354-362, 2014
The effect of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy on morbid obesity and obesity-related comorbidities: A cohort study
S Çetinkünar, H Erdem, R Aktimur, M Aziret, S Özdaş, B Yürekli, F Yetişir
Turkish Journal of Surgery/Ulusal cerrahi dergisi 31 (4), 202, 2015
Management of fistula of ileal conduit in open abdomen by intra-condoit negative pressure system
F Yetişir, AE Salman, M Aygar, F Yaylak, M Aksoy, A Yalçin
International journal of surgery case reports 5 (7), 385-388, 2014
Living donor liver transplantation with replacement of vena cava for Echinococcus alveolaris: A case report
R Mamedov, N Novruzov, A Baskiran, F Yetisir, B Unal, C Aydın, ...
International journal of surgery case reports 5 (3), 169-171, 2014
Intrarectal negative pressure system in the management of open abdomen with colorectal fistula: a case report
F Yetişir, AE Salman, R Mamedov, M Aksoy, A Yalcin, C Kayaalp
International journal of surgery case reports 5 (3), 164-168, 2014
Cutaneous metastases of rectal mucinous adenocarcinoma mimicking granuloma inguinale
I Balta, G Vahaboglu, AA Karabulut, F Yetisir, M Astarci, E Gungor, ...
Internal Medicine 51 (17), 2479-2481, 2012
Modified application of dynamic wound closure system in the management of septic open abdomen
F Yetişir, AE Salman, F Özdemir, D Durak, O Özlü, M Kılıç
World Journal of Trauma and Critical Care Medicine 1 (1), 2013
Prediction of central lymph node metastasis in patientswith thyroid papillary microcarcinoma
Ş AKIN, DY Aksoy, S Akin, M Kilic, F YETİŞİR, M Bayraktar
Turkish journal of medical sciences 47 (6), 1723-1727, 2017
Cholesterolosis in routine histopathological examination after cholecystectomy: What should a surgeon behold in the reports?
F Yaylak, A Deger, BI Ucar, Y Sonmez, Z Bayhan, F Yetisir
International Journal of Surgery 12 (11), 1187-1191, 2014
An alternative anterior tension free preperitoneal patch technique by help of the endoscope for femoral hernia repair
F Yetişir, AE Salman, O Özlü, M Kiliç
International Journal of Surgery 11 (9), 962-966, 2013
Celiac artery thrombosis and superior mesenteric artery stenoses with essential thrombocythemia: a case report
HA Keskin, F Yetisir, H Bayram, MS Bayraktaroglu, E Simsek, M Kilic, ...
Case reports in medicine 2012, 2012
The reversal of stoma following open abdomen management
F Yetişir, AE Şarer, HZ Acar, E Çiftciler
Indian Journal of Surgery 78 (3), 182-186, 2016
Non-recurrent laryngeal nerve
F Yetişir, AB Özkardeş, HZ Dündar, B Birkan, AB Çiftci, M Kılıç
Turkish Journal of Surgery/Ulusal cerrahi dergisi 30 (2), 112, 2014
Laparoscopic resection of cholecystocolic fistula and subtotal cholecystectomy by tri-staple in a type V mirizzi syndrome
F Yetişir, AE Şarer, HZ Acar, O Parlak, B Basaran, O Yazıcıoğlu
Case reports in hepatology 2016, 2016
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