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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Oceanization of the northern Neotethys: geochemical evidence from ophiolitic melange basalts within the Izmir–Ankara suture belt, NW Turkey
MC Göncüoglu, K Sayit, UK Tekin
Lithos 116 (1-2), 175-187, 2010
The Arkot Dağ Mélange in Araç area, central Turkey: Evidence of its origin within the geodynamic evolution of the Intra-Pontide suture zone
MC Göncüoglu, M Marroni, L Pandolfi, A Ellero, G Ottria, R Catanzariti, ...
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 85, 117-139, 2014
Geochemistry of mafic rocks of the Karakaya complex, Turkey: evidence for plume-involvement in the Palaeotethyan extensional regime during the Middle and Late Triassic
K Sayıt, MC Göncüoglu
International Journal of Earth Sciences 98, 367-385, 2009
The Ayli Dağ ophiolite sequence (central-northern Turkey): A fragment of middle Jurassic oceanic lithosphere within the Intra-Pontide suture zone
MC Göncüoglu, M Marroni, K Sayit, UK Tekin, G Ottria, L Pandolfi, A Elero
Ofioliti 37 (2), 77-92, 2012
Petrological reconstruction of Triassic seamounts/oceanic islands within the Palaeotethys: Geochemical implications from the Karakaya subduction/accretion Complex, Northern Turkey
K Sayit, MC Göncüoglu, T Furman
Lithos 119 (3-4), 501-511, 2010
Middle Triassic back-arc basalts from the blocks in the Mersin Mélange, southern Turkey: Implications for the geodynamic evolution of the Northern Neotethys
K Sayit, Y Bedi, UK Tekin, MC Göncüoglu, C Okuyucu
Lithos 268, 102-113, 2017
Geodynamic evolution of the Karakaya Mélange Complex, Turkey: a review of geological and petrological constraints
K Sayıt, MC Göncüoglu
Journal of Geodynamics 65, 56-65, 2013
Geological setting and geochemical signatures of the mafic rocks from the Intra-Pontide Suture Zone: implications for the geodynamic reconstruction of the Mesozoic Neotethys
K Sayit, M Marroni, MC Göncüoglu, L Pandolfi, A Ellero, G Ottria, C Frassi
International Journal of Earth Sciences 105, 39-64, 2016
Whole rock geochemistry, zircon U–Pb and Hf isotope systematics of the Çangaldağ Pluton: evidences for Middle Jurassic continental arc magmatism in the Central Pontides, Turkey
O Cimen, MC Göncüoğlu, A Simonetti, K Sayit
Lithos 290, 136-155, 2017
Source components and magmatic processes in the genesis of Miocene to Quaternary lavas in western Turkey: constraints from HSE distribution and Hf–Pb–Os isotopes
E Aldanmaz, M Pickard, T Meisel, Ş Altunkaynak, K Sayıt, P Şen, ...
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 170, 1-20, 2015
The Intra-Pontide ophiolites in Northern Turkey revisited: From birth to death of a Neotethyan oceanic domain
M Marroni, MC Göncüoğlu, C Frassi, K Sayit, L Pandolfi, A Ellero, G Ottria
Geoscience Frontiers 11 (1), 129-149, 2020
New zircon U-Pb LA-ICP-MS ages and Hf isotope data from the Central Pontides (Turkey): Geological and geodynamic constraints
O Çimen, MC Göncüoğlu, A Simonetti, K Sayit
Journal of Geodynamics 116, 23-36, 2018
Geochemistry of mafic dykes from the Southeast Anatolian ophiolites, Turkey: Implications for an intra-oceanic arc–basin system
AR Colakoglu, K Sayit, K Günay, MC Göncüoglu
Lithos 132, 113-126, 2012
Geochemistry of the metavolcanic rocks from the Çangaldağ Complex in the Central Pontides: implications for the Middle Jurassic arc-back-arc system in the Neotethyan Intra …
O Cimen, MC Göncüoğlu, K Sayit
Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences 25 (6), 491-512, 2016
Radiolarian biochronology of upper Anisian to upper Ladinian (Middle Triassic) blocks and tectonic slices of volcano-sedimentary successions in the Mersin Mélange, southern …
UK Tekin, Y Bedi, C Okuyucu, MC Göncüoglu, K Sayit
Journal of African Earth Sciences 124, 409-426, 2016
The origin of the asymmetry in the Iceland hotspot along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge from continental breakup to present-day
SM Howell, G Ito, AJ Breivik, A Rai, R Mjelde, B Hanan, K Sayit, P Vogt
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 392, 143-153, 2014
Early-middle Carnian radiolarian cherts within the Eymir Unit, Central Turkey: Constraints for the age of the Palaeotethyan Karakaya Complex
K Sayit, UK Tekin, MC Göncüoglu
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 42 (3), 398-407, 2011
Pb and Hf isotope variations along the Southeast Indian Ridge and the dynamic distribution of MORB source domains in the upper mantle
BB Hanan, J Blichert-Toft, C Hemond, K Sayit, A Agranier, DW Graham, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 375, 196-208, 2013
Sulfide mantle source heterogeneity recorded in basaltic lavas from the Azores
CL Waters, JMD Day, S Watanabe, K Sayit, V Zanon, KM Olson, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 268, 422-445, 2020
Integrated Radiolaria, benthic foraminifera and conodont biochronology of the pelagic Permian blocks/tectonic slices and geochemistry of associated volcanic rocks from the …
UK Tekin, C Okuyucu, K Sayit, Y Bedi, PJ Noble, L Krystyn, ...
Island Arc 28 (2), e12286, 2019
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