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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Tweeting the terror: modelling the social media reaction to the Woolwich terrorist attack
P Burnap, ML Williams, L Sloan, O Rana, W Housley, A Edwards, ...
Social Network Analysis and Mining 4 (1), 206, 2014
Transnational organised crime: perspectives on global security
A Edwards, P Gill
Routledge, 2004
Knowing the Tweeters: Deriving sociologically relevant demographics from Twitter
L Sloan, J Morgan, W Housley, M Williams, A Edwards, P Burnap, O Rana
Sociological research online 18 (3), 74-84, 2013
Detecting tension in online communities with computational Twitter analysis
P Burnap, OF Rana, N Avis, M Williams, W Housley, A Edwards, J Morgan, ...
Technological Forecasting and Social Change 95, 96-108, 2015
Crime Control and Community
G Hughes, A Edwards
Routledge, 2013
Digital social research, social media and the sociological imagination: Surrogacy, augmentation and re-orientation
A Edwards, W Housley, M Williams, L Sloan, M Williams
International journal of social research methodology 16 (3), 245-260, 2013
Researching the organization of serious crimes
A Edwards, M Levi
Criminology & Criminal Justice 8 (4), 363-388, 2008
Comparing the governance of safety in Europe: A geo-historical approach
A Edwards, G Hughes
Theoretical criminology 9 (3), 345-363, 2005
Crime as enterprise?–The case of``transnational organised crime''
A Edwards, P Gill
Crime, Law and Social Change 37 (3), 203-223, 2002
Big and broad social data and the sociological imagination: A collaborative response
W Housley, R Procter, A Edwards, P Burnap, M Williams, L Sloan, O Rana, ...
Big Data & Society 1 (2), 2053951714545135, 2014
Policing cyber-neighbourhoods: tension monitoring and social media networks
ML Williams, A Edwards, W Housley, P Burnap, O Rana, N Avis, J Morgan, ...
Policing and society 23 (4), 461-481, 2013
The politics of ‘transnational organized crime’: discourse, reflexivity and the narration of ‘threat’
A Edwards, P Gill
The British journal of politics & international relations 4 (2), 245-270, 2002
'That's life innit' A British perspective on guns, crime and social order
S Hallsworth, D Silverstone
Criminology & Criminal Justice 9 (3), 359-377, 2009
COSMOS: Towards an integrated and scalable service for analysing social media on demand
P Burnap, O Rana, M Williams, W Housley, A Edwards, J Morgan, L Sloan, ...
International Journal of Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems 30 (2 …, 2015
Policy transfer in local crime control: beyond naïve emulation
K Stenson, A Edwards
Criminal justice and political cultures, 221-245, 2012
Guns, crime and social order in the West Indies
B Agozino, B Bowling, E Ward, G St Bernard
Criminology & Criminal Justice 9 (3), 287-305, 2009
The illicit firearms trade in North America
PJ Cook, W Cukier, K Krause
Criminology & Criminal Justice 9 (3), 265-286, 2009
Crime control and liberal government: The ‘third way’and the return to the local
K Stenson, R Sullivan
Crime, Risk and Justice, 76-94, 2012
Public safety regimes: Negotiated orders and political analysis in criminology
A Edwards, G Hughes
Criminology & Criminal Justice 12 (4), 433-458, 2012
The preventive turn and the promotion of safer communities in England and Wales: political inventiveness and governmental instabilities
A Edwards, G Hughes
Crime prevention policies in comparative perspective, 88-111, 2013
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