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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
PapersMulticentre randomised controlled trial of nursing intervention for breathlessness in patients with lung cancer
M Bredin, J Corner, M Krishnasamy, H Plant, C Bailey, R A'Hern
Bmj 318 (7188), 901, 1999
Nurse led follow up and conventional medical follow up in management of patients with lung cancer: randomised trial
S Moore, J Corner, J Haviland, M Wells, E Salmon, C Normand, M Brada, ...
Bmj 325 (7373), 1145, 2002
Non-pharmacological intervention for breathlessness in lung cancer
J Corner, H Plant, R A'hern, C Bailey
Palliative medicine 10 (4), 299-305, 1996
Is late diagnosis of lung cancer inevitable? Interview study of patients’ recollections of symptoms before diagnosis
J Corner, J Hopkinson, D Fitzsimmons, S Barclay, M Muers
Thorax 60 (4), 314-319, 2005
In search of more complete answers to research questions. Quantitative versus qualitative research methods: is there a way forward?
J Corner
Journal of Advanced Nursing 16 (6), 718-727, 1991
Using satisfaction to measure the quality of palliative care: a review of the literature
F Aspinal, J Addington‐Hall, R Hughes, IJ Higginson
Journal of advanced nursing 42 (4), 324-339, 2003
Experience of health changes and reasons for delay in seeking care: a UK study of the months prior to the diagnosis of lung cancer
J Corner, J Hopkinson, L Roffe
Social science & medicine 62 (6), 1381-1391, 2006
The experience of breathlessness in lung cancer.
M O'Driscoll, J Corner, C Bailey
European journal of cancer care 8 (1), 37-43, 1999
The health and well-being of cancer survivors in the UK: findings from a population-based survey
J Elliott, A Fallows, L Staetsky, PWF Smith, CL Foster, EJ Maher, J Corner
British journal of cancer 105 (1), S11-S20, 2011
An evaluation of the use of massage and essential oils on the wellbeing of cancer patients
J Corner, N Cawley, S Hildebrand
International Journal of Palliative Nursing 1 (2), 67-73, 1995
The National Cancer Survivorship Initiative: new and emerging evidence on the ongoing needs of cancer survivors
M Richards, J Corner, J Maher
British journal of cancer 105 (1), S1-S4, 2011
Evaluation of nurse-led follow up for patients undergoing pelvic radiotherapy
S Faithfull, J Corner, L Meyer, R Huddart, D Dearnaley
British journal of cancer 85 (12), 1853-1864, 2001
The research priorities of patients attending UK cancer treatment centres: findings from a modified nominal group study
J Corner, D Wright, J Hopkinson, Y Gunaratnam, JW McDonald, C Foster
British journal of cancer 96 (6), 875-881, 2007
Cancer survivors’ self-efficacy to self-manage in the year following primary treatment
C Foster, M Breckons, P Cotterell, D Barbosa, L Calman, J Corner, ...
Journal of Cancer Survivorship 9 (1), 11-19, 2015
The prevalence of concern about weight loss and change in eating habits in people with advanced cancer
JB Hopkinson, DNM Wright, JW McDonald, JL Corner
Journal of pain and symptom management 32 (4), 322-331, 2006
Patient-reported outcomes of cancer survivors in England 1–5 years after diagnosis: a cross-sectional survey
AW Glaser, LK Fraser, J Corner, R Feltbower, EJA Morris, G Hartwell, ...
BMJ open 3 (4), e002317, 2013
Cancer nursing: care in context
J Corner, CD Bailey
John Wiley & Sons, 2009
Exploring the experience of weight loss in people with advanced cancer
J Hopkinson, D Wright, J Corner
Journal of advanced nursing 54 (3), 304-312, 2006
Health-related quality of life after colorectal cancer in England: a patient-reported outcomes study of individuals 12 to 36 months after diagnosis
A Downing, EJA Morris, M Richards, J Corner, P Wright, ...
Journal of clinical oncology 33 (6), 616-624, 2015
Listening to the views of people affected by cancer about cancer research: an example of participatory research in setting the cancer research agenda
D Wright, J Corner, J Hopkinson, C Foster
Health Expectations 9 (1), 3-12, 2006
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