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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Application of fuzzy logic and analytical hierarchy process (AHP) to landslide susceptibility mapping at Haraz watershed, Iran
HR Pourghasemi, B Pradhan, C Gokceoglu
Natural hazards 63 (2), 965-996, 2012
An assessment on the use of logistic regression and artificial neural networks with different sampling strategies for the preparation of landslide susceptibility maps
HA Nefeslioglu, C Gokceoglu, H Sonmez
Engineering Geology 97 (3-4), 171-191, 2008
Assessment of landslide susceptibility for a landslide-prone area (north of Yenice, NW Turkey) by fuzzy approach
M Ercanoglu, C Gokceoglu
Environmental geology 41 (6), 720-730, 2002
Use of fuzzy relations to produce landslide susceptibility map of a landslide prone area (West Black Sea Region, Turkey)
M Ercanoglu, C Gokceoglu
Engineering Geology 75 (3-4), 229-250, 2004
Landslide susceptibility mapping of the slopes in the residual soils of the Mengen region (Turkey) by deterministic stability analyses and image processing techniques
C Gökceoglu, H Aksoy
Engineering Geology 44 (1-4), 147-161, 1996
Estimation of rock modulus: for intact rocks with an artificial neural network and for rock masses with a new empirical equation
H Sonmez, C Gokceoglu, HA Nefeslioglu, A Kayabasi
International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences 43 (2), 224-235, 2006
An easy-to-use MATLAB program (MamLand) for the assessment of landslide susceptibility using a Mamdani fuzzy algorithm
A Akgun, EA Sezer, HA Nefeslioglu, C Gokceoglu, B Pradhan
Computers & Geosciences 38 (1), 23-34, 2012
A fuzzy model to predict the uniaxial compressive strength and the modulus of elasticity of a problematic rock
C Gokceoglu, K Zorlu
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 17 (1), 61-72, 2004
Prediction of uniaxial compressive strength of sandstones using petrography-based models
K Zorlu, C Gokceoglu, F Ocakoglu, HA Nefeslioglu, S Acikalin
Engineering Geology 96 (3-4), 141-158, 2008
Susceptibility assessments of shallow earthflows triggered by heavy rainfall at three catchments by logistic regression analyses
T Can, HA Nefeslioglu, C Gokceoglu, H Sonmez, TY Duman
Geomorphology 72 (1-4), 250-271, 2005
Manifestation of an adaptive neuro-fuzzy model on landslide susceptibility mapping: Klang valley, Malaysia
EA Sezer, B Pradhan, C Gokceoglu
Expert Systems with Applications 38 (7), 8208-8219, 2011
A fuzzy triangular chart to predict the uniaxial compressive strength of the Ankara agglomerates from their petrographic composition
C Gokceoglu
Engineering Geology 66 (1-2), 39-51, 2002
Landslide susceptibility mapping by neuro-fuzzy approach in a landslide-prone area (Cameron Highlands, Malaysia)
B Pradhan, EA Sezer, C Gokceoglu, MF Buchroithner
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 48 (12), 4164-4177, 2010
Application of weights-of-evidence and certainty factor models and their comparison in landslide susceptibility mapping at Haraz watershed, Iran
HR Pourghasemi, B Pradhan, C Gokceoglu, M Mohammadi, HR Moradi
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 6 (7), 2351-2365, 2013
An attenuation relationship based on Turkish strong motion data and iso-acceleration map of Turkey
R Ulusay, E Tuncay, H Sonmez, C Gokceoglu
Engineering Geology 74 (3-4), 265-291, 2004
Landslide susceptibility mapping using support vector machine and GIS at the Golestan Province, Iran
HR Pourghasemi, AG Jirandeh, B Pradhan, C Xu, C Gokceoglu
Journal of Earth System Science 122 (2), 349-369, 2013
Assessment of landslide susceptibility by decision trees in the metropolitan area of Istanbul, Turkey
HA Nefeslioglu, E Sezer, C Gokceoglu, AS Bozkir, TY Duman
Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2010, 2010
Application of logistic regression for landslide susceptibility zoning of Cekmece Area, Istanbul, Turkey
TY Duman, T Can, C Gokceoglu, HA Nefeslioglu, H Sonmez
Environmental Geology 51 (2), 241-256, 2006
The 17 March 2005 Kuzulu landslide (Sivas, Turkey) and landslide-susceptibility map of its near vicinity
C Gokceoglu, H Sonmez, HA Nefeslioglu, TY Duman, T Can
Engineering geology 81 (1), 65-83, 2005
Factors affecting the durability of selected weak and clay-bearing rocks from Turkey, with particular emphasis on the influence of the number of drying and wetting cycles
C Gökceoğlu, R Ulusay, H Sönmez
Engineering Geology 57 (3-4), 215-237, 2000
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