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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Some difficulties of learning to program
B Du Boulay
Journal of Educational Computing Research 2 (1), 57-73, 1986
The black box inside the glass box: presenting computing concepts to novices
B du Boulay, T O'Shea, J Monk
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Implementation of motivational tactics in tutoring systems
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Modelling human teaching tactics and strategies for tutoring systems
B Du Boulay, R Luckin
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Ecolab: The development and evaluation of a Vygotskian design framework
R Luckin, B Du Boulay
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Socio-cognitive engineering: a methodology for the design of human-centred technology
M Sharples, N Jeffery, JBH Du Boulay, D Teather, B Teather, ...
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Using mobile technology to create flexible learning contexts
R Luckin, B Du Boulay, H Smith, J Underwood, G Fitzpatrick, J Holmberg, ...
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Pair programming and the mysterious role of the navigator
S Bryant, P Romero, B du Boulay
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Developing the attributes of medical professional judgement and competence: a review of the literature
M Eraut, B Du Boulay
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Towards systems that care: a conceptual framework based on motivation, metacognition and affect
B Du Boulay, K Avramides, R Luckin, E Martínez-Mirón, GR Méndez, ...
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Motivating the learner: an empirical evaluation
G Rebolledo-Mendez, B Du Boulay, R Luckin
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Human plausible reasoning for intelligent help
M Virvou, B Du Boulay
User modeling and user-adapted interaction 9 (4), 321-375, 1999
Artificial intelligence as an effective classroom assistant
B du Boulay
IEEE Intelligent Systems 31 (6), 76-81, 2016
Structured computer-based training in the interpretation of neuroradiological images
M Sharples, NP Jeffery, B du Boulay, BA Teather, D Teather, ...
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The black box inside the glass box: Presenting computing concepts to novices
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Debugging strategies and tactics in a multi-representation software environment
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Tools for creating intelligent computer tutors
T O'Shea, R Bornat, B du Boulay, M Eisenstadt, I Page
Proc. of the international NATO symposium on Artificial and human …, 1984
Artificial intelligence through search
C Thornton, B Du Boulay
Springer Science & Business Media, 2012
Learning programming via worked-examples: Relation of learning styles to cognitive load
SS Abdul-Rahman, B Du Boulay
Computers in Human Behavior 30, 286-298, 2014
Exploring the potential of the homework system and tablet PCs to support continuity of numeracy practices between home and primary school
L Kerawalla, J O'Connor, J Underwood, B duBoulay, J Holmberg, ...
Educational Media International 44 (4), 289-303, 2007
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