Erzsébet (Elisabeth) Hornung
Erzsébet (Elisabeth) Hornung
Department of Ecology, Institute for Biology, University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest, JATE üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Evolutionary adaptation of oniscidean isopods to terrestrial life: structure, physiology and behavior
E Hornung
Terrestrial Arthropod Reviews 4 (2), 95, 2011
Early stage litter decomposition across biomes
I Djukic, S Kepfer-Rojas, IK Schmidt, KS Larsen, C Beier, B Berg, ...
The database of the PREDICTS (projecting responses of ecological diversity in changing terrestrial systems) project
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Ecology and evolution 7 (1), 145-188, 2017
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RV Pouyat, ID Yesilonis, K Szlavecz, C Csuzdi, E Hornung, Z Korsós, ...
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Changes of isopod assemblages along an urban-suburban-rural gradient in Hungary
E Hornung, B Tóthmérész, T Magura, F Vilisics
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Composition of terrestrial isopod assemblages along an urbanisation gradient in Denmark
F Vilisics, Z Elek, GL Lovei, E Hornung
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Species Accounts for snails of the genus Vertigo listed in the Annex II of the Habitat Directive: V. angustior, V. genesii, V. geyeri and V. moulinsiana (Gastropoda: Pulmonata …
RAD Cameron, B Colville, G Falkner, GA Holyoak, E Hornung, I Killeen, ...
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Breeding pattern in the oniscid isopod, Porcellioficulneus Verh. under different temperature and photophase regimes
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Tests on the isopod Porcellio scaber
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Urbanization erodes ectomycorrhizal fungal diversity and may cause microbial communities to converge
MDSAY Dietrich J. Epp Schmidt, Richard Pouyat, Katalin Szlavecz, Heikki ...
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Toxicity of Copper to Porcellio scaber Latr. (Isopoda) Under Different Nutritional Status
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Seasonal changes on the distribution and abundance of isopod species in different habitats within the Mediterranean region of northern Israel
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Low alpha and high beta diversity in terrestrial isopod assemblages in the Transdanubian region of Hungary
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Oosorption and oocyte loss in a terrestrial isopod under stressful conditions
E Hornung, MR Warburg
Tissue and Cell 26 (2), 277-284, 1994
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