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Encyclopedia of surface and colloid science
AT Hubbard
CRC press, 2002
Fluorescence studies of coalescence and film formation in poly (methyl methacrylate) nonaqueous dispersion particles
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Ö Pekcan
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Energy transfer in restricted dimensions: a new approach to latex morphology
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Role of long-range forces in heterogeneous nucleation
JF Joanny, PG De Gennes
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Y Yılmaz, A Erzan, Ö Pekcan
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Direct test of the critical exponents at the sol-gel transition
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Ö Pekcan, Y Yılmaz, O Okay
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Ö Pekcan
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Synergistic effect of the locust bean gum on the thermal phase transitions of κ-carrageenan gels
E Arda, S Kara, Ö Pekcan
Food Hydrocolloids 23 (2), 451-459, 2009
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