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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A study on the numerical prediction of propellers cavitating tip vortex
S Gaggero, G Tani, M Viviani, F Conti
Ocean engineering 92, 137-161, 2014
A systematic comparison between RANS and panel methods for propeller analysis
S Brizzolara, D Villa, S Gaggero
Proc. Of 8th International Conference on Hydrodynamics, Nantes, France, 2008
RANS and PANEL method for unsteady flow propeller analysis
S Gaggero, D Villa, S Brizzolara
Journal of hydrodynamics, ser. B 22 (5), 564-569, 2010
CPP propeller cavitation and noise optimization at different pitches with panel code and validation by cavitation tunnel measurements
D Bertetta, S Brizzolara, S Gaggero, M Viviani, L Savio
Ocean engineering 53, 177-195, 2012
An extensive analysis of numerical ship self-propulsion prediction via a coupled BEM/RANS approach
S Gaggero, D Villa, M Viviani
Applied Ocean Research 66, 55-78, 2017
Design of contracted and tip loaded propellers by using boundary element methods and optimization algorithms
S Gaggero, J Gonzalez-Adalid, M Perez Sobrino
Applied Ocean Research 55, 102 - 129, 2016
EFD and CFD characterization of a CLT propeller
D Bertetta, S Brizzolara, E Canepa, S Gaggero, M Viviani
International Journal of Rotating Machinery 2012, 2012
Design of ducted propeller nozzles through a RANSE-based optimization approach
S Gaggero, D Villa, G Tani, M Viviani, D Bertetta
Ocean Engineering 145, 444-463, 2017
Design and analysis of a new generation of CLT propellers
S Gaggero, J Gonzalez-Adalid, MP Sobrino
Applied Ocean Research 59, 424-450, 2016
Steady cavitating propeller performance by using OpenFOAM, StarCCM+ and a boundary element method
S Gaggero, D Villa
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part M: Journal of …, 2017
An Investigation on the discrepancies between RANSE and BEM approaches for the prediction of marine propeller unsteady performances in strongly non-homogeneous wakes
S Gaggero, D Villa, M Viviani
International Conference on Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering 45400 …, 2014
Efficient and multi-objective cavitating propeller optimization: An application to a high-speed craft
S Gaggero, G Tani, D Villa, M Viviani, P Ausonio, P Travi, G Bizzarri, ...
Applied Ocean Research 64, 31-57, 2017
EFD and CFD design and analysis of a propeller in decelerating duct
S Gaggero, CM Rizzo, G Tani, M Viviani
International Journal of Rotating Machinery 2012, 2012
Physics-based design by optimization of unconventional supercavitating hydrofoils
G Vernengo, L Bonfiglio, S Gaggero, S Brizzolara
Journal of Ship Research 60 (04), 187-202, 2016
Exact modeling of trailing vorticity in panel method for marine propeller
S Gaggero, S Brizzolara
Proceedings of ICMRT, 2007
Ship Self Propulsion with different CFD methods: from actuator disk to viscous inviscid unsteady coupled solvers
D Villa, S Gaggero, S Brizzolara
The10th International Conference on Hydrodynamics, 2012
A panel method for trans-cavitating marine propellers
S Gaggero, S Brizzolara
Hydrodynamic shape optimization by high fidelity CFD solver and Gaussian process based response surface method
A Coppedè, S Gaggero, G Vernengo, D Villa
Applied Ocean Research 90, 101841, 2019
Comparison of experimental measurements and numerical calculations for a propeller in axial cylinder
G Stefano, S Luca, B Stefano, V Michele, F Marco, C Francesco
First International Symposium on Marine Propulsors, 525-536, 2009
An efficient and robust approach to predict ship self-propulsion coefficients
D Villa, S Gaggero, T Gaggero, G Tani, G Vernengo, M Viviani
Applied Ocean Research 92, 101862, 2019
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