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Ahmed Mostafa Khalil
Ahmed Mostafa Khalil
Assistant Lecturer in Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University, Assiut
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Preoperative risk factors for conversion from laparoscopic to open cholecystectomy: a validated risk score derived from a prospective UK database of 8820 patients
RP Sutcliffe, M Hollyman, J Hodson, G Bonney, RS Vohra, EA Griffiths, ...
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New operations on interval-valued picture fuzzy set, interval-valued picture fuzzy soft set and their applications
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Removal of ammonium from fish farms by biochar obtained from rice straw: Isotherm and kinetic studies for ammonium adsorption
A Khalil, N Sergeevich, V Borisova
Adsorption Science & Technology 36 (5-6), 1294-1309, 2018
Population‐based cohort study of outcomes following cholecystectomy for benign gallbladder diseases
CholeS Study Group, West Midlands Research Collaborative, RS Vohra, ...
British Journal of Surgery 103 (12), 1704-1715, 2016
A fuzzy decision-making model for optimal design of solar, wind, diesel-based RO desalination integrating flow-battery and pumped-hydro storage: Case study in Baltim, Egypt
KM Kotb, MR Elkadeem, A Khalil, SM Imam, MA Hamada, SW Sharshir, ...
Energy Conversion and Management 235, 113962, 2021
Performance improvement of double slope solar still via combinations of low cost materials integrated with glass cooling
K Elmaadawy, AW Kandeal, A Khalil, MR Elkadeem, B Liu, SW Sharshir
Desalination 500, 114856, 2021
Prospective randomised multi-centre trial comparing the clinical efficacy, safety and patient acceptability of circular stapled anopexy with closed diathermy haemorrhoidectomy
MA Thaha, KL Campbell, SA Kazmi, LA Irvine, A Khalil, NR Binnie, ...
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A new expert system in prediction of lung cancer disease based on fuzzy soft sets
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Cost-effectiveness of emergency versus delayed laparoscopic cholecystectomy for acute gallbladder pathology
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Fuzzy Soft Expert System in Prediction of Coronary Artery Disease
AMKMAG Nasruddin Hassan, Osama Rashed Sayed
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Improving the performance of tubular solar still integrated with drilled carbonized wood and carbon black thin film evaporation
SW Sharshir, AW Kandeal, YM Ellakany, I Maher, A Khalil, A Swidan, ...
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Comparison of six types of rough approximations based on j-neighborhood space and j-adhesion neighborhood space
M Atef, AM Khalil, SG Li, AA Azzam, E Atik, A El Fattah
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Research progress on recent technologies of water harvesting from atmospheric air: A detailed review
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Splenic parenchymal complications in pancreatitis
PV Patil, A Khalil, MA Thaha
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A note on “A novel approach to multi attribute group decision making based on trapezoidal interval type-2 fuzzy soft sets”
AM Khalil, N Hassan
Applied Mathematical Modelling 41, 684-690, 2017
Rlops: Development life-cycle of reinforcement learning aided open ran
P Li, J Thomas, X Wang, A Khalil, A Ahmad, R Inacio, S Kapoor, A Parekh, ...
IEEE Access 10, 113808-113826, 2022
A new type of generalized picture fuzzy soft set and its application in decision making
H Lu, AM Khalil, W Alharbi, MA El-Gayar
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Combination of the single-valued neutrosophic fuzzy set and the soft set with applications in decision-making
AM Khalil, D Cao, A Azzam, F Smarandache, WR Alharbi
Symmetry 12 (8), 1361, 2020
Possibility m-polar fuzzy soft sets and its application in decision-making problems
AM Khalil, SG Li, HX Li, SQ Ma
Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems 37 (1), 929-940, 2019
Coupled fixed point analysis in fuzzy cone metric spaces with an application to nonlinear integral equations
GX Chen, S Jabeen, SU Rehman, AM Khalil, F Abbas, A Kanwal, H Ullah
Advances in Difference Equations 2020, 1-25, 2020
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