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Francis Albarede
Francis Albarede
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The Lu-Hf isotope geochemistry of chondrites and the evolution of the mantle-crust system
J Blichert-Toft, F Albarède
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 148 (1-2), 243-258, 1997
Precise analysis of copper and zinc isotopic compositions by plasma-source mass spectrometry
CN Maréchal, P Télouk, F Albarède
Chemical geology 156 (1-4), 251-273, 1999
Relationships between Lu–Hf and Sm–Nd isotopic systems in the global sedimentary system
JD Vervoort, PJ Patchett, J Blichert-Toft, F Albarède
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 168 (1-2), 79-99, 1999
Separation of Hf and Lu for high-precision isotope analysis of rock samples by magnetic sector-multiple collector ICP-MS
J Blichert-Toft, C Chauvel, F Albarède
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 127 (3), 248-260, 1997
Zinc and its role in immunity and inflammation
P Bonaventura, G Benedetti, F Albarede, P Miossec
Autoimmun. Rev, 2015
A short timescale for terrestrial planet formation from Hf–W chronometry of meteorites
Q Yin, SB Jacobsen, K Yamashita, J Blichert-Toft, P Télouk, F Albarede
Nature 418 (6901), 949-952, 2002
Introduction to geochemical modeling
F Albarède
Introduction to Geochemical Modeling, 563, 1996
Rare-earth elements and uranium in high-temperature solutions from East Pacific Rise hydrothermal vent field (13 N)
A Michard, F Albarede, G Michard, JF Minster, JL Charlou
Nature 303 (5920), 795-797, 1983
A major 2.1 Ga event of mafic magmatism in West Africa: an early stage of crustal accretion
W Abouchami, M Boher, A Michard, F Albarede
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 95 (B11), 17605-17629, 1990
Heterogeneous Hadean hafnium: evidence of continental crust at 4.4 to 4.5 Ga
TM Harrison, J Blichert-Toft, W Muller, F Albarede, P Holden, SJ Mojzsis
Science 310 (5756), 1947-1950, 2005
Precise and accurate isotopic measurements using multiple-collector ICPMS
F Albarede, P Telouk, J Blichert-Toft, M Boyet, A Agranier, B Nelson
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 68 (12), 2725-2744, 2004
The REE content of some hydrothermal fluids
A Michard, F Albarède
Chemical Geology 55 (1-2), 51-60, 1986
Crustal growth in west Africa at 2.1 Ga
M Boher, W Abouchami, A Michard, F Albarede, NT Arndt
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 97 (B1), 345-369, 1992
High-precision analysis of Pb isotope ratios by multi-collector ICP-MS
WM White, F Albarède, P Télouk
Chemical Geology 167 (3-4), 257-270, 2000
Analytical methods for non-traditional isotopes
F Albarède, B Beard
Reviews in mineralogy and geochemistry 55 (1), 113-152, 2004
Volatile accretion history of the terrestrial planets and dynamic implications
F Albarede
Nature 461 (7268), 1227-1233, 2009
Nd isotopes in French Phanerozoic shales: external vs. internal aspects of crustal evolution
A Michard, P Gurriet, M Soudant, F Albarede
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 49 (2), 601-610, 1985
The Lu–Hf dating of garnets and the ages of the Alpine high-pressure metamorphism
S Duchêne, J Blichert-Toft, B Luais, P Télouk, JM Lardeaux, F Albarede
Nature 387 (6633), 586-589, 1997
Systematic use of trace element in igneous process: Part I: Fractional crystallization processes in volcanic suites
CJ Allègre, M Treuil, JF Minster, B Minster, F Albarède
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 60, 57-75, 1977
How deep do common basaltic magmas form and differentiate?
F Albarede
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 97 (B7), 10997-11009, 1992
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