Ilham Haouas
Ilham Haouas
Associate Professor of Economics and Finance, Abu Dhabi University üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The impacts of trade liberalization on employment and wages in Tunisian industries
I Haouas, M Yagoubi, A Heshmati
Journal of International Development: The Journal of the Development Studies …, 2005
Economic growth and environmental degradation in Vietnam: Is the environmental Kuznets curve a complete picture?
M Shahbaz, I Haouas, TH Van Hoang
Emerging Markets Review 38, 197-218, 2019
Asymmetric impact of textile and clothing manufacturing on carbon-dioxide emissions: Evidence from top Asian economies
M Haseeb, I Haouas, M Nasih, LWW Mihardjo, K Jermsittiparsert
Energy 196, 117094, 2020
The Mediating Role of Business Strategies between Management Control Systems Package and Firms Stability: Evidence from SMEs in Malaysia
M Haseeb, M Lis, I Haouas, L WW Mihardjo
Sustainability 11 (17), 4705, 2019
Is the tourism–economic growth nexus time-varying? Bootstrap rolling-window causality analysis for the top 10 tourist destinations
M Shahbaz, R Ferrer, SJH Shahzad, I Haouas
Applied Economics 50 (24), 2677-2697, 2018
Labor-use efficiency in Tunisian manufacturing industries
I Haouas, M Yagoubi, A Heshmati
Review of Middle East Economics and Finance 1 (3), 195-214, 2003
Labor-use efficiency in Tunisian manufacturing industries
I Haouas, M Yagoubi, A Heshmati
Review of Middle East Economics and Finance 1 (3), 195-214, 2003
Can the UAE avoid the oil curse by economic diversification?
I Haouas, A Heshmati
IZA Discussion Paper, 2014
Has the UAE escaped the oil curse
R Soto, I Haouas
Economic research forum, Working Paper, 2012
The financial development-environmental degradation nexus in the United Arab Emirates: the importance of growth, globalization and structural breaks
M Shahbaz, I Haouas, K Sohag, I Ozturk
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 1-15, 2020
Labour-use efficiency in Tunisian manufacturing industries: a flexible adjustment model
I Haouas, M Yagoubi, A Heshmati
WIDER Discussion Paper, 2002
Has the UAE escaped the oil curse?
I Haouas, R Soto
Instituto de Economia. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Documentos …, 2012
What matters for environmental quality in the Next Eleven Countries: economic growth or income inequality?
H Padhan, I Haouas, B Sahoo, A Heshmati
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 26 (22), 23129-23148, 2019
Has the UAE escaped the oil curse?
R Soto, I Haouas
Understanding and Avoiding the Oil Curse in Resource-Rich Arab Economies …, 2016
The effect of international trade on labour-demand elasticities: empirical evidence from Tunisia
I Haouas, M Yagoubib
Applied Economics Letters 15 (4), 277-286, 2008
Youth unemployment in Tunisia: Underlying trends and an evaluation of policy responses
I Haouas, E Sayre, M Yahoubi
International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, 2012
Economies of scale in the Tunisian industries
I Haouas, A Heshmati
International Journal of Economics and Finance 5 (1), 48-64, 2013
Consequences of trade liberalization on the labor market in developing economy: The case of Tunisia
I Haouas, M Yagoubi
Documents de travail, 2001
The effect of financial crisis on hiring and separation rates: evidence from Tunisian labor market
I Haouas, M Yagoubi, SS Guirreri
The Journal of Developing Areas, 109-127, 2014
Employment Efficiency and Production Risk in the Tunisian Manufacturing Industries
A Heshmati, I Haouas
Economic Research Forum Working Papers, 2011
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