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Lee Yook Heng
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Smart packaging: sensors for monitoring of food quality and safety
B Kuswandi, Y Wicaksono, A Abdullah, LY Heng, M Ahmad
Sensing and Instrumentation for Food Quality and Safety 5 (3-4), 137-146, 2011
A novel colorimetric food package label for fish spoilage based on polyaniline film
B Kuswandi, A Restyana, A Abdullah, LY Heng, M Ahmad
Food control 25 (1), 184-189, 2012
Producing “self-plasticizing” ion-selective membranes
LY Heng, EAH Hall
Analytical chemistry 72 (1), 42-51, 2000
Carbon nanotube as an alternative cathode support and catalyst for microbial fuel cells
M Ghasemi, M Ismail, SK Kamarudin, K Saeedfar, WRW Daud, ...
Applied Energy 102, 1050-1056, 2013
Immobilization of tyrosinase in chitosan film for an optical detection of phenol
J Abdullah, M Ahmad, N Karuppiah, LY Heng, H Sidek
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 114 (2), 604-609, 2006
An experimental study of membrane materials and inner contacting layers for ion-selective K+ electrodes with a stable response and good dynamic range
AJ Michalska, C Appaih-Kusi, LY Heng, S Walkiewicz, EAH Hall
Analytical chemistry 76 (7), 2031-2039, 2004
Ion-transport and diffusion coefficients of non-plasticised methacrylic–acrylic ion-selective membranes
LY Heng, K Toth, EAH Hall
Talanta 63 (1), 73-87, 2004
Heavy metal contamination in the River Toad,Bufo juxtasper (Inger), near a copper mine in East Malaysia
YH Lee, RB Stuebing
Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 45 (2), 272-279, 1990
Toxicity testing and the effect of landfill leachate in Malaysia on behavior of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L., 1758; Pisces, Cyprinidae).
JYM Alkassasbeh, LY Heng, S Salmijah
American Journal of Environmental Sciences 5 (3), 209-217, 2009
Demonstration of the advantages of using bamboo-like nanotubes for electrochemical biosensor applications compared with single walled carbon nanotubes
LY Heng, A Chou, J Yu, Y Chen, JJ Gooding
Electrochemistry communications 7 (12), 1457-1462, 2005
Real-time monitoring of shrimp spoilage using on-package sticker sensor based on natural dye of curcumin
B Kuswandi, TS Larasati, A Abdullah, LY Heng
Food Analytical Methods 5 (4), 881-889, 2012
Methacrylic–acrylic polymers in ion-selective membranes: achieving the right polymer recipe
LY Heng, EAH Hall
Analytica chimica acta 403 (1-2), 77-89, 2000
Synthesis and characterization of silver/polyvinilpirrolidone (Ag/PVP) nanoparticles using gamma irradiation techniques
SS Gasaymeh, S Radiman, LY Heng, E Saion, GHM Saeed
The African Review of Physics 4, 2010
Use of Fe3O4 nanoparticles for enhancement of biosensor response to the herbicide 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid
KS Loh, YH Lee, A Musa, AA Salmah, I Zamri
Sensors 8 (9), 5775-5791, 2008
Assessing a photocured self-plasticised acrylic membrane recipe for Na+ and K+ ion selective electrodes
LY Heng, EAH Hall
Analytica Chimica Acta 443 (1), 25-40, 2001
Methacrylate-acrylate based polymers of low plasticiser content for potassium ion-selective membranes
LY Heng, EAH Hall
Analytica chimica acta 324 (1), 47-56, 1996
An Optical Biosensor based on Immobilization of Laccase and MBTH in Stacked Films for the Detection of Catechol.
J Abdullah, M Ahmad, LY Heng, N Karuppiah, H Sidek
Sensors 7 (10), 2238-2250, 2007
A novel on‐package sticker sensor based on methyl red for real‐time monitoring of broiler chicken cut freshness
B Kuswandi, R Oktaviana, A Abdullah, LY Heng
Packaging technology and science 27 (1), 69-81, 2014
An amperometric biosensor for the rapid assessment of histamine level in tiger prawn (Penaeus monodon) spoilage
CM Keow, FA Bakar, AB Salleh, LY Heng, R Wagiran, LS Bean
Food Chemistry 105 (4), 1636-1641, 2007
Potentiometric urea biosensor based on an immobilised fullerene-urease bio-conjugate
K Saeedfar, LY Heng, TL Ling, M Rezayi
Sensors 13 (12), 16851-16866, 2013
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