Liviu Marsavina
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Experimental and numerical determination of the chloride penetration in cracked concrete
L Marsavina, K Audenaert, G De Schutter, N Faur, D Marsavina
Construction and Building Materials 23 (1), 264-274, 2009
A comparison between dynamic and static fracture toughness of polyurethane foams
L Marsavina, E Linul, T Voiconi, T Sadowski
Polymer Testing 32 (4), 673-680, 2013
Tensile properties of semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymers: Effects of temperature and strain rates
DA Şerban, G Weber, L Marşavina, VV Silberschmidt, W Hufenbach
Polymer Testing 32 (2), 413-425, 2013
Multiscale modelling of two-phase ceramic matrix composites
T Sadowski, L Marsavina
Computational Materials Science 50 (4), 1336-1346, 2011
Refinements on fracture toughness of PUR foams
L Marsavina, DM Constantinescu, E Linul, DA Apostol, T Voiconi, ...
Engineering Fracture Mechanics 129, 54-66, 2014
Failure analysis of a Francis turbine runner
D Frunzǎverde, S Muntean, G Mǎrginean, V Campian, L Marşavina, ...
IOP conference series: earth and environmental science 12 (1), 012115, 2010
Study of factors influencing the mechanical properties of polyurethane foams under dynamic compression
E Linul, L Marsavina, T Voiconi, T Sadowski
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 451 (1), 012002, 2013
Mechanical behavior of sandwich composite beams made of foams and functionally graded materials
M Bıˆrsan, T Sadowski, L Marsavina, E Linul, D Pietras
International Journal of Solids and Structures 50 (3-4), 519-530, 2013
Shear and mode II fracture of PUR foams
L Marsavina, DM Constantinescu, E Linul, T Voiconi, DA Apostol
Engineering Failure Analysis 58, 465-476, 2015
Experimental and theoretical fracture toughness investigation of PUR foams under mixed mode I+ III loading
MRM Aliha, E Linul, A Bahmani, L Marsavina
Polymer Testing 67, 75-83, 2018
Cracks propagation and interaction in an orthotropic elastic material: analytical and numerical methods
T Sadowski, L Marsavina, N Peride, EM Craciun
Computational Materials Science 46 (3), 687-693, 2009
Stress intensity factors for an interface kinked crack in a bi-material plate loaded normal to the interface
L Marsavina, T Sadowski
International Journal of Fracture 145 (3), 237-243, 2007
Fracture parameters at bi-material ceramic interfaces under bi-axial state of stress
L Marsavina, T Sadowski
Computational Materials Science 45 (3), 693-697, 2009
Kinked crack at a bi-material ceramic interface–Numerical determination of fracture parameters
L Marsavina, T Sadowski
Computational materials science 44 (3), 941-950, 2009
Collapse mechanisms of metal foam matrix composites under static and dynamic loading conditions
E Linul, L Marsavina, J Kováčik
Materials Science and Engineering: A 690, 214-224, 2017
Application of TCD for brittle fracture of notched PUR materials
R Negru, L Marsavina, T Voiconi, E Linul, H Filipescu, G Belgiu
Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics 80, 87-95, 2015
Assessment of collapse diagrams of rigid polyurethane foams under dynamic loading conditions
E Linul, DA Şerban, L Marsavina, T Sadowski
Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering 17, 457-466, 2017
Influence of cracks and crack width on penetration depth of chlorides in concrete
K Audenaert, G De Schutter, L Marsavina
European journal of environmental and civil engineering 13 (5), 561-572, 2009
The temperature effect on the axial quasi-static compressive behavior of ex-situ aluminum foam-filled tubes
E Linul, N Movahedi, L Marsavina
Composite Structures 180, 709-722, 2017
An engineering approach to predict mixed mode fracture of PUR foams based on ASED and micromechanical modelling
L Marsavina, F Berto, R Negru, DA Serban, E Linul
Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics 91, 148-154, 2017
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