Yunus Ziya Arslan
Yunus Ziya Arslan
Full Professor Turkish-German University Department of Robotics and Intelligent Systems üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
MIMO fuzzy sliding mode controlled dual arm robot in load transportation
Y Hacioglu, YZ Arslan, N Yagiz
Journal of the Franklin Institute 348 (8), 1886-1902, 2011
Load transportation by dual arm robot using sliding mode control
N Yagiz, Y Hacioglu, YZ Arslan
Journal of Mechanical science and Technology 24 (5), 1177-1184, 2010
Comparative evaluation of EMG signal features for myoelectric controlled human arm prosthetics
D Karabulut, F Ortes, YZ Arslan, MA Adli
Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering 37 (2), 326-335, 2017
Prediction of externally applied forces to human hands using frequency content of surface EMG signals
YZ Arslan, MA Adli, A Akan, MB Baslo
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 98 (1), 36-44, 2010
Improving the ride comfort of vehicle passenger using fuzzy sliding mode controller
YZ Arslan, A Sezgin, N Yagiz
Journal of vibration and control 21 (9), 1667-1679, 2015
Analysis of the vertical vibration effects on ride comfort of vehicle driver
A Sezgin, YZ Arslan
Prosthetic hand finger control using fuzzy sliding modes
YZ Arslan, Y Hacioglu, N Yagiz
Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems 52 (1), 121-138, 2008
Musculoskeletal simulation tools for understanding mechanisms of lower-limb sports injuries
M Bulat, NK Can, YZ Arslan, W Herzog
Current Sports Medicine Reports 18 (6), 210-216, 2019
Sliding mode control of a finger for a prosthetic hand
N Yagiz, YZ Arslan, Y Hacioglu
Journal of Vibration and Control 13 (6), 733-749, 2007
A review of finite element applications in oral and maxillofacial biomechanics
SC Dogru, E Cansiz, YZ Arslan
Journal of mechanics in medicine and biology 18 (02), 1830002, 2018
Experimental assessment of lumped-parameter human body models exposed to whole body vibration
YZ Arslan
Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology 15 (03), 1550023, 2015
Computer-assisted design of patient-specific sagittal split osteotomy guide and soft tissue retractor
E Cansiz, YZ Arslan, F Turan, B Atalay
J Med Biol Eng 34 (4), 363-367, 2014
Investigation of the relationship between EMG signals and the forces applied to human arms
YZ Arslan, MA Adlı, A Akan
Fourth Int. Conf. on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 2005
Biomechanical, histological, and radiological effects of different phosphodiesterase inhibitors on femoral fracture healing in rats
YM Dincel, E Alagoz, Y Arikan, AK Caglar, SC Dogru, F Ortes, YZ Arslan
Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery 26 (2), 2309499018777885, 2018
Design and production of subject specific insole using reverse engineering and 3D printing technology
K Surmen, F Ortes, YZ Arslan
Int J Eng Sci Invent 5 (12), 11-15, 2016
Direct validation of model-predicted muscle forces in the cat hindlimb during locomotion
D Karabulut, SC Dogru, YC Lin, MG Pandy, W Herzog, YZ Arslan
Journal of biomechanical engineering 142 (5), 051014, 2020
Experimental investigation of biodynamic human body models subjected to whole-body vibration during a vehicle ride
Y Taskin, Y Hacioglu, F Ortes, D Karabulut, YZ Arslan
International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics, 2018
Prediction of muscle forces using static optimization for different contractile conditions
YZ Arslan, A Jinha, M Kaya, W Herzog
Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology 13 (03), 1350022, 2013
Effects of high-dose vitamin C and hyaluronic acid on tendon healing
Y Dincel, O Adanir, Y Arikan, AK Caglar, SC Dogru, YZ Arslan
Acta ortopedica brasileira 26, 82-85, 2018
Effects of low molecular weight heparin and rivaroxaban on rat Achilles tendon healing
Y Eren, O Adanır, YM Dinçel, E Genç, YZ Arslan, A Çağlar
Joint Diseases and Related Surgery 29 (1), 013-019, 2018
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