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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Mechanical response of bovine articular cartilage under dynamic unconfined compression loading at physiological stress levels
S Park, CT Hung, GA Ateshian
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Cartilage interstitial fluid load support in unconfined compression
S Park, R Krishnan, SB Nicoll, GA Ateshian
Journal of biomechanics 36 (12), 1785-1796, 2003
Cartilage interstitial fluid load support in unconfined compression
S Park, R Krishnan, SB Nicoll, GA Ateshian
Journal of biomechanics 36 (12), 1785-1796, 2003
Microscale frictional response of bovine articular cartilage from atomic force microscopy
S Park, KD Costa, GA Ateshian
Journal of biomechanics 37 (11), 1679-1687, 2004
Inhomogeneous cartilage properties enhance superficial interstitial fluid support and frictional properties, but do not provide a homogeneous state of stress
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Functional tissue engineering of chondral and osteochondral constructs
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Mechanical load inhibits IL-1 induced matrix degradation in articular cartilage
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Dynamic response of immature bovine articular cartilage in tension and compression, and nonlinear viscoelastic modeling of the tensile response
S Park, GA Ateshian
The effect of TNFα secreted from macrophages activated by titanium particles on osteogenic activity regulated by WNT/BMP signaling in osteoprogenitor cells
SS Lee, AR Sharma, BS Choi, JS Jung, JD Chang, S Park, EA Salvati, ...
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Cartilage mechanical response under dynamic compression at physiological stress levels following collagenase digestion
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Road-frequency adaptive control for semi-active suspension systems
KS Hong, S Park
International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems 8 (5), 1029-1038, 2010
Synthesis of Vertically Aligned Manganese-Doped Fe3O4 Nanowire Arrays and Their Excellent Room-Temperature Gas Sensing Ability
SO Hwang, CH Kim, Y Myung, SH Park, J Park, J Kim, CS Han, JY Kim
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (36), 13911-13916, 2008
Mechanical properties of bovine articular cartilage under microscale indentation loading from atomic force microscopy
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Sensitivity control of a MR-damper semi-active suspension
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Modeling of a hydraulic engine mount for active pneumatic engine vibration control using the extended Kalman filter
A Turnip, KS Hong, S Park
Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology 23 (1), 229-236, 2009
Recurrent varicoceles: causes and treatment using angiography and magnification assisted subinguinal varicocelectomy
KH Moon, SJ Cho, KS Kim, S Park, S Park
Yonsei Medical Journal 53 (4), 723-728, 2012
Impact of internal spermatic artery preservation during laparoscopic varicocelectomy on recurrence and the catch-up growth rate in adolescents
KS Kim, C Lee, SH Song, SJ Cho, S Park, KH Moon, DS Ryu
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Design and performance evaluation of a rotary magnetorheological damper for unmanned vehicle suspension systems
JH Lee, C Han, D Ahn, JK Lee, SH Park, S Park
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Comparison of surgical outcomes between dismembered pyeloplasty with or without ureteral stenting in children with ureteropelvic junction obstruction
J Kim, S Park, H Hwang, JW Kim, SH Cheon, S Park, KS Kim
Korean journal of urology 53 (8), 564-568, 2012
Variability analysis of lower extremity joint kinematics during walking in healthy young adults
K Son, J Park, S Park
Medical engineering & physics 31 (7), 784-792, 2009
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