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Prof. Wael S Amer *Associate Professor* Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty of
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
On j-near concepts in rough sets with some applications
WS Amer, MI Abbas, MK El-Bably
Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems 32 (1), 1089-1099, 2017
Application of the Krylov-Bogoliubov-Mitropolski technique for a rotating heavy solid under the influence of a gyrostatic moment
TS Amer, AI Ismail, WS Amer
Journal of Aerospace Engineering 25 (3), 421-430, 2012
Resonance in the cart-pendulum system—an asymptotic approach
WS Amer, TS Amer, R Starosta, MA Bek
Applied Sciences 11 (23), 11567, 2021
On the motion of a pendulum attached with tuned absorber near resonances
WS Amer, MA Bek, MK Abohamer
Results in Physics 11, 291-301, 2018
Modeling and stability analysis for the vibrating motion of three degrees-of-freedom dynamical system near resonance
WS Amer, TS Amer, SS Hassan
Applied Sciences 11 (24), 11943, 2021
The dynamical motion of a gyroscope subjected to applied moments
WS Amer
Results in Physics 12, 1429-1435, 2019
The asymptotic solutions of the governing system of a charged symmetric body under the influence of external torques
AA Galal, TS Amer, H El-Kafly, WS Amer
Results in Physics 18, 103160, 2020
Substantial condition for the fourth first integral of the rigid body problem
TS Amer, WS Amer
Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids 23 (8), 1237-1246, 2018
The Rotational Motion of a Symmetric Rigid Body Similar to Kovalevskaya’s Case
Iran J Sci Technol Trans Sci, 2017
The dynamical motion of a rigid body for the case of ellipsoid inertia close to ellipsoid of rotation
TS Amer, AM Farag, WS Amer
Mechanics Research Communications 108, 103583, 2020
On the motion of a flywheel in the presence of attracting center
WS Amer
Results in physics 7, 1214-1220, 2017
Modelling and analyzing the rotatory motion of a symmetric gyrostat subjected to a Newtonian and magnetic fields
WS Amer
Results in Physics 24, 104102, 2021
Asymptotic analysis and numerical solutions for the rigid body containing a viscous liquid in cavity in the presence of gyrostatic moment
WS Amer, AM Farag, IM Abady
Archive of Applied Mechanics 91 (9), 3889-3902, 2021
Stability Analysis for Travelling Wave Solutions of the Olver and Fifth‐Order KdV Equations
AR Seadawy, W Amer, A Sayed
Journal of Applied Mathematics 2014 (1), 839485, 2014
The periodic solutions of a symmetric charged gyrostat for a slightly relocated center of mass
AM Farag, TS Amer, WS Amer
Alexandria Engineering Journal 61 (9), 7155-7170, 2022
Dynamical stability of a 3-DOF auto-parametric vibrating system
TS Amer, GM Moatimid, WS Amer
Journal of Vibration Engineering & Technologies 11 (8), 4151-4186, 2023
Analyzing the motion of a forced oscillating system on the verge of resonance
S Ghanem, TS Amer, WS Amer, S Elnaggar, AA Galal
Journal of Low Frequency Noise, Vibration and Active Control 42 (2), 563-578, 2023
The dynamical motion of a rolling cylinder and its stability analysis: analytical and numerical investigation
WS Amer
Archive of Applied Mechanics 92 (11), 3267-3293, 2022
Evaluation of the stability of a two degrees-of-freedom dynamical system
TS Amer, AI Ismail, WS Amer
Journal of Low Frequency Noise, Vibration and Active Control 42 (4), 1578-1595, 2023
Dynamical analysis of a damped harmonic forced duffing oscillator with time delay
GM Moatimid, TS Amer, WS Amer
Scientific Reports 13 (1), 6507, 2023
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