Gil Mor
Gil Mor
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The immune system in pregnancy: a unique complexity
G Mor, I Cardenas
American journal of reproductive immunology 63 (6), 425-433, 2010
Inflammation and pregnancy: the role of the immune system at the implantation site
G Mor, I Cardenas, V Abrahams, S Guller
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Comparison of statistical methods for classification of ovarian cancer using mass spectrometry data
B Wu, T Abbott, D Fishman, W McMurray, G Mor, K Stone, D Ward, ...
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MG Kelly, AB Alvero, R Chen, DA Silasi, VM Abrahams, S Chan, I Visintin, ...
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Serum protein markers for early detection of ovarian cancer
G Mor, I Visintin, Y Lai, H Zhao, P Schwartz, T Rutherford, L Yue, ...
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Molecular phenotyping of human ovarian cancer stem cells unravels the mechanisms for repair and chemoresistance
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Diagnostic markers for early detection of ovarian cancer
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Macrophages and apoptotic cell clearance during pregnancy
VM Abrahams, YM Kim, SL Straszewski, R Romero, G Mor
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Local injury of the endometrium induces an inflammatory response that promotes successful implantation
Y Gnainsky, I Granot, PB Aldo, A Barash, Y Or, E Schechtman, G Mor, ...
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Chapter 5: tissue-specific synthesis and oxidative metabolism of estrogens
CR Jefcoate, JG Liehr, RJ Santen, TR Sutter, JD Yager, W Yue, ...
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The unique immunological and microbial aspects of pregnancy
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Ovarian cancer biomarker performance in prostate, lung, colorectal, and ovarian cancer screening trial specimens
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The role of apoptosis in the regulation of trophoblast survival and differentiation during pregnancy
SL Straszewski-Chavez, VM Abrahams, G Mor
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Effect of long-term estrogen deprivation on apoptotic responses of breast cancer cells to 17β-estradiol
RXD Song, G Mor, F Naftolin, RA McPherson, J Song, Z Zhang, W Yue, ...
Journal of the National Cancer Institute 93 (22), 1714-1723, 2001
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M PrabhuDas, E Bonney, K Caron, S Dey, A Erlebacher, A Fazleabas, ...
Nature immunology 16 (4), 328-334, 2015
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