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Daniela Banaru
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Ecological indicators to capture the effects of fishing on biodiversity and conservation status of marine ecosystems
M Coll, LJ Shannon, KM Kleisner, MJ Juan-Jordá, A Bundy, AG Akoglu, ...
Ecological Indicators 60, 947-962, 2016
Trophic structure in the Gulf of Lions marine ecosystem (north-western Mediterranean Sea) and fishing impacts
D Bănaru, C Mellon-Duval, D Roos, JL Bigot, A Souplet, A Jadaud, ...
Journal of Marine Systems 111, 45-68, 2013
Difference of mercury bioaccumulation in red mullets from the north-western Mediterranean and Black seas
M Harmelin-Vivien, D Cossa, S Crochet, D Bănaru, Y Letourneur, ...
Marine Pollution Bulletin 58 (5), 679-685, 2009
Seasonal variation in stable C and N isotope ratios of the Rhone River inputs to the Mediterranean Sea (2004–2005)
M Harmelin-Vivien, J Dierking, D Bănaru, MF Fontaine, D Arlhac
Biogeochemistry 100 (1), 139-150, 2010
Seasonal variation of stable isotope ratios of size-fractionated zooplankton in the Bay of Marseille (NW Mediterranean Sea)
D Bănaru, F Carlotti, A Barani, G Grégori, N Neffati, M Harmelin-Vivien
Journal of plankton research 36 (1), 145-156, 2014
Influence of the Danube River inputs on C and N stable isotope ratios of the Romanian coastal waters and sediment (Black Sea)
D Bănaru, M Harmelin-Vivien, MT Gomoiu, TM Onciu
Marine Pollution Bulletin 54 (9), 1385-1394, 2007
Linking small pelagic dietary shifts with ecosystem changes in the Gulf of Lions
P Brosset, B Le Bourg, D Costalago, D Bănaru, E Van Beveren, ...
Marine Ecology Progress Series 554, 157-171, 2016
Trophic niche overlap of sprat and commercial small pelagic teleosts in the Gulf of Lions (NW Mediterranean Sea)
B Le Bourg, D Bănaru, C Saraux, A Nowaczyk, E Le Luherne, A Jadaud, ...
Journal of Sea Research 103, 138-146, 2015
Feeding behaviour of Black Sea bottom fishes: Did it change over time?
D Bănaru, M Harmelin-Vivien
Acta oecologica 35 (6), 769-777, 2009
Discrimination of red mullet populations (Teleostean, Mullidae) along multi-spatial and ontogenetic scales within the Mediterranean basin on the basis of otolith shape analysis
F Morat, Y Letourneur, D Nérini, D Banaru, IE Batjakas
Aquatic Living Resources 25 (1), 27-39, 2012
Identifying carbon sources and trophic position of coral reef fishes using diet and stable isotope (δ15N and δ13C) analyses in two contrasted bays in Moorea …
Y Letourneur, TL De Loma, P Richard, ML Harmelin-Vivien, P Cresson, ...
Coral Reefs 32 (4), 1091-1102, 2013
Trophic links and riverine effects on food webs of pelagic fish of the north-western Black Sea
D Bănaru, M Harmelin-Vivien
Marine and Freshwater Research 60 (6), 529-540, 2009
Relationships between fish length and otolith length for nine teleost fish species from the Mediterranean basin, Kerguelen Islands, and Pacific Ocean
F Morat, D Banaru, B Mérigot, IE Batjakas, S Betoulle, M Vignon, ...
Cybium 32 (3), 265-269, 2008
Hooks equipped with magnets can increase catches of blue shark (Prionace glauca) by longline fishery
SB Porsmoguer, D Bănaru, CF Boudouresque, I Dekeyser, C Almarcha
Fisheries Research 172, 345-351, 2015
Linking benthic biodiversity to the functioning of coastal ecosystems subjected to river runoff (NW Mediterranean)
ML Harmelin–Vivien, D Banaru, J Dierking, R Hermand, Y Letourneur, ...
Animal Biodiversity and Conservation 32 (2), 135-145, 2009
Two-step procedure for trace element analysis in food via calibration-free laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
CT Chen, D Banaru, T Sarnet, J Hermann
Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy 150, 77-85, 2018
Man induced change in community control in the north-western Black Sea: the top-down bottom-up balance
D Bănaru, M Harmelin-Vivien, CF Boudouresque
Marine environmental research 69 (4), 262-275, 2010
Non-target and released alive by-catches distributions observed during French driftnet fishery in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea (2000-2003 database)
Journal of Oceanography, Research and Data 3 (3), 2010
Unexpected spatial impact of treatment plant discharges induced by episodic hydrodynamic events: Modelling Lagrangian transport of fine particles by Northern Current intrusions …
B Millet, C Pinazo, D Banaru, R Pagès, P Guiart, I Pairaud
Plos one 13 (4), e0195257, 2018
Unexpected headless and tailless fish in the stomach content of shortfin mako Isurus oxyrinchus
SB Porsmoguer, D Bănaru, P Bearez, I Dekeyser, MM Fornelino, ...
Plos one 9 (2), e88488, 2014
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