Devatha P. Nair, Ph.D.
Devatha P. Nair, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, University of Colorado-School of Dental Medicine üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The thiol-Michael addition click reaction: a powerful and widely used tool in materials chemistry
DP Nair, M Podgorski, S Chatani, T Gong, W Xi, CR Fenoli, CN Bowman
Chemistry of Materials 26 (1), 724-744, 2014
Tailorable and programmable liquid-crystalline elastomers using a two-stage thiol–acrylate reaction
CM Yakacki, M Saed, DP Nair, T Gong, SM Reed, CN Bowman
Rsc Advances 5 (25), 18997-19001, 2015
Photopolymerized thiol-ene systems as shape memory polymers
DP Nair, NB Cramer, TF Scott, CN Bowman, R Shandas
Polymer 51 (19), 4383-4389, 2010
Two‐Stage Reactive Polymer Network Forming Systems
DP Nair, NB Cramer, JC Gaipa, MK McBride, EM Matherly, RR McLeod, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 22 (7), 1502-1510, 2012
Relative reactivity and selectivity of vinyl sulfones and acrylates towards the thiol–Michael addition reaction and polymerization
S Chatani, DP Nair, CN Bowman
Polymer Chemistry 4 (4), 1048-1055, 2013
Shape memory polymer medical devices
DP Nair, R Shandas, K Gall, CM Yakacki, M Eckstein Alex E. Lyons
US Patent App. 12/295,594, 2007
High performance graded rainbow holograms via two-stage sequential orthogonal thiol–click chemistry
H Peng, DP Nair, BA Kowalski, W Xi, T Gong, C Wang, M Cole, ...
Macromolecules 47 (7), 2306-2315, 2014
Sodium nitrite de-stiffening of large elastic arteries with aging: role of normalization of advanced glycation end-products
BS Fleenor, AL Sindler, JS Eng, DP Nair, RB Dodson, DR Seals
Experimental gerontology 47 (8), 588-594, 2012
Photo-mediated copper (I)-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC)“click” reactions for forming polymer networks as shape memory materials
MK McBride, T Gong, DP Nair, CN Bowman
Polymer 55 (23), 5880-5884, 2014
Temporal control of thiol-click chemistry
S Chatani, RJ Sheridan, M Podgórski, DP Nair, CN Bowman
Chemistry of Materials 25 (19), 3897-3901, 2013
Synthesis of Programmable Main-chain Liquid-crystalline Elastomers Using a Two-stage Thiol-acrylate Reaction
M Saed, A Torbati, DP Nair, CM Yakacki
Journal of visual engineering 107, e53546, 2016
Facile image patterning via sequential thiol–Michael/thiol–yne click reactions
H Peng, C Wang, W Xi, BA Kowalski, T Gong, X Xie, W Wang, DP Nair, ...
Chemistry of Materials 26 (23), 6819-6826, 2014
Dual-Cure Polymer Systems
C Bowman, D Nair, N Cramer, R Shandas
US Patent App. 13/820,601, 2013
Photo-CuAAC Induced Wrinkle Formation in a Thiol–Acrylate Elastomer via Sequential Click Reactions
AA Alzahrani, DP Nair, DJ Smits, M Saed, CM Yakacki, CN Bowman
Chemistry of Materials 26 (18), 5303-5309, 2014
Enhanced two-stage reactive polymer network forming systems
DP Nair, NB Cramer, MK McBride, JC Gaipa, R Shandas, CN Bowman
Polymer 53 (12), 2429-2434, 2012
Thiol-vinyl and thiol-yne systems for shape memory polymers
C Bowman, N Cramer, R Shandas, DP Nair
US Patent 8,846,777, 2014
Programmable mechanically assisted geometric deformations of glassy two-stage reactive polymeric materials
M Podgorski, DP Nair, S Chatani, G Berg, CN Bowman
ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (9), 6111-6119, 2014
Shape Memory Polymer Prosthetic Medical Device
R Shandas, A Nelson, B Rech, DP Nair, JP Lyons, Michael Castleberry, ...
US Patent 12/608,714, 2015
Reconfigurable surface patterns on covalent adaptive network polymers using nanoimprint lithography
LM Cox, Z Li, N Sowan, D Nair, J Xiao, CN Bowman, Y Ding
Polymer 55 (23), 5933-5937, 2014
Combined, independent small molecule release and shape memory via nanogel-coated thiourethane polymer networks
EA Dailing, DP Nair, WK Setterberg, KA Kyburz, C Yang, T D'Ovidio, ...
Polymer chemistry 7 (4), 816-825, 2016
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