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Jun Wang
Jun Wang
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Segmentation of LiDAR point clouds for building extraction
J Wang, J Shan
American Society for Photogramm. Remote Sens. Annual Conference, Baltimore …, 2009
Fuzzy inference guided cellular automata urban‐growth modelling using multi‐temporal satellite images
S Al‐kheder, J Wang, J Shan
International Journal of Geographical Information Science 22 (11-12), 1271-1293, 2008
Genetic algorithms for the calibration of cellular automata urban growth modeling
J Shan, S Alkheder, J Wang
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Space filling curve based point clouds index
J Wang, J Shan
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on GeoComputation, 551-562, 2005
Using service-based GIS to support earthquake research and disaster response
J Wang, M Pierce, Y Ma, G Fox, A Donnellan, J Parker, M Glasscoe
Computing in Science & Engineering 14 (5), 21-30, 2012
UAVSAR observations of triggered slip on the Imperial, Superstition Hills, and East Elmore Ranch Faults associated with the 2010 M 7.2 El Mayor‐Cucapah earthquake
A Donnellan, J Parker, S Hensley, M Pierce, J Wang, J Rundle
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 15 (3), 815-829, 2014
Automated estimation and tools to extract positions, velocities, breaks, and seasonal terms from daily GNSS measurements: Illuminating nonlinear Salton Trough deformation
M Heflin, A Donnellan, J Parker, G Lyzenga, A Moore, LG Ludwig, ...
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Potential for a large earthquake near Los Angeles inferred from the 2014 La Habra earthquake
A Donnellan, L Grant Ludwig, JW Parker, JB Rundle, J Wang, M Pierce, ...
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Cellular automata urban growth model calibration with genetic algorithms
S Al-Kheder, J Wang, J Shan
2007 Urban Remote Sensing Joint Event, 1-5, 2007
Change detection-Cellular automata method for urban growth modeling
S Alkheder, J Wang, J Shan
Proceedings of International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing …, 2006
Clustering analysis methods for GNSS observations: A data‐driven approach to identifying California's major faults
R Granat, A Donnellan, M Heflin, G Lyzenga, M Glasscoe, J Parker, ...
Earth and Space Science 8 (11), e2021EA001680, 2021
E-decider: using earth science data and modeling tools to develop decision support for earthquake disaster response
MT Glasscoe, J Wang, ME Pierce, MR Yoder, JW Parker, MC Burl, ...
Pure and Applied Geophysics 172, 2305-2324, 2015
Targeted high‐resolution structure from motion observations over the Mw 6.4 and 7.1 ruptures of the Ridgecrest earthquake sequence
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Fracture Advancing Step Tectonics Observed in the Yuha Desert and Ocotillo, CA, Following the 2010 Mw7.2 El Mayor‐Cucapah Earthquake
A Donnellan, J Parker, M Heflin, G Lyzenga, A Moore, LG Ludwig, ...
Earth and Space Science 5 (9), 456-472, 2018
DisasterAWARE–A Global Alerting Platform for Flood Events
P Sharma, J Wang, M Zhang, C Woods, B Kar, D Bausch, ZQ Chen, ...
ISPRS Annals of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information …, 2020
Improving access to geodetic imaging crustal deformation data using GeoGateway
A Donnellan, J Parker, M Heflin, M Glasscoe, G Lyzenga, M Pierce, ...
Earth Science Informatics, 1-13, 2022
A machine learning approach to flood severity classification and alerting
P Sharma, B Kar, J Wang, D Bausch
Proceedings of the 4th ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on Advances in …, 2021
Integrated Model of Models for Global Flood Alerting
B Kar, D Bausch, J Wang, P Sharma, Z Chen, G Schumann, M Pierce, ...
WIT Transactions on the Built Environment 194, 73-83, 2020
Advantages to geoscience and disaster response from QuakeSim implementation of interferometric radar maps in a GIS database system
J Parker, A Donnellan, M Glasscoe, G Fox, J Wang, M Pierce, Y Ma
Pure and Applied Geophysics 172, 2295-2304, 2015
基于 GIS 的黄河中游河龙区间流域── 重力侵蚀相对强度空间分布
王军, 杨小毛, 倪晋仁
应用基础与工程科学学报 9 (1), 23-32, 2001
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