Cüneyt Arslan
Cüneyt Arslan
Professor of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Istanbul Technical University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Recovery of copper, cobalt, and zinc from copper smelter and converter slags
C Arslan, F Arslan
Hydrometallurgy 67 (1-3), 1-7, 2002
Acidic leaching of scheelite concentrate and production of hetero-poly-tungstate salt
S Gürmen, S Tımur, C Arslan, I Duman
Hydrometallurgy 51 (2), 227-238, 1999
Reduction of iron oxides in solid wastes generated by steelworks
L Çamci, S Aydin, C Arslan
Turkish Journal of Engineering and Environmental Sciences 26 (1), 37-44, 2001
Nickel recovery from the rinse waters of plating baths
G Orhan, C Arslan, H Bombach, M Stelter
Hydrometallurgy 65 (1), 1-8, 2002
Thermochemical review of jarosite and goethite stability regions at 25 and 95 C
Turkish Journal of Engineering and Environmental Sciences 27 (1), 45-52, 2002
Arsenic removal through the decrepitation of colemanite ores
F Arslan, C Arslan, MS Çelik
Powder technology 103 (3), 260-264, 1999
Investigation of chrome (VI) oxide production from chromite concentrate by alkali fusion
C Arslan, G Orhan
International journal of mineral processing 50 (1-2), 87-96, 1997
Electrochemical properties of nanocrystalline LiFexMn2−xO4 (x = 0.2–1.0) cathode particles prepared by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis method
B Ebin, S Gürmen, C Arslan, G Lindbergh
Electrochimica Acta 76, 368-374, 2012
Radiation shielding properties of poly (methyl methacrylate)/colemanite composite for the use in mixed irradiation fields of neutrons and gamma rays
T Bel, C Arslan, N Baydogan
Materials Chemistry and Physics 221, 58-67, 2019
Kinetics of copper precipitation by H2S from sulfate solutions
C Oktaybaş, E Acma, C Arslan, O Addemir
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Beneficiation of brass ashes
S Timur, S Gürmen, G Orhan, C Arslan, I Duman
Developments in Mineral Processing 13, C12a-27-C12a-33, 2000
Effects of process current density and temperature on electrochemical boriding of steel in molten salts
G Kartal, S Timur, C Arslan
Journal of electronic materials 34 (12), 1538-1542, 2005
Çinko, Sistem Yayıncılık
O Addemir, E Açma, C Arslan
İstanbul, 1995
Production of pure tungsten oxide from scheelite concentrates
S Gürmen, S Timur, C Arslan, I Duman
Scandinavian journal of metallurgy 31 (3), 221-228, 2002
Copper refining electrolysis at high current densities
S Gürmen, G Orhan, C Arslan, S Timur
Arı The Bulletin of the Istanbul Technical University 54 (2), 40-47, 2004
The anodic oxidation of Cr (III) to Cr (VI) in a laboratory-scale chromium electrowinning cell
C Arslan, PF Duby
Hydrometallurgy 46 (3), 337-348, 1997
Cold Sintering of a Covalently Bonded MoS2/Graphite Composite as a High Capacity Li–Ion Electrode
S Nayir, DR Waryoba, R Rajagopalan, C Arslan, CA Randall
ChemNanoMat 4 (10), 1088-1094, 2018
Mechano-chemical conversion of celestite in highly concentrated sodium carbonate media
R Sezer, C Arslan
Physicochem. Probl. Miner. Process 55 (2), 324-335, 2019
The effect of sulphur on tungsten recovery from scheelite concentrates by alkali fusion
B Şirin, E Açma, C Arslan, O Addemir
Canadian metallurgical quarterly 33 (4), 313-318, 1994
Production of Copper, Cobalt, and Magnetic Iron Oxide from the Ancient Copper Slags
E Açma, H Sesigur, C Arslan, O Addemir, A Tekin
Extractive Metallurgy of Copper, Nickel and Cobalt. 1, 1181-1193, 1993
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