David Huhman
David Huhman
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Mass spectrometry strategies in metabolomics
Z Lei, DV Huhman, LW Sumner
Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (29), 25435-25442, 2011
Metabolic profiling of Medicago truncatula cell cultures reveals the effects of biotic and abiotic elicitors on metabolism
CD Broeckling, DV Huhman, MA Farag, JT Smith, GD May, P Mendes, ...
Journal of Experimental Botany 56 (410), 323-336, 2004
Inverse relationship between systemic resistance of plants to microorganisms and to insect herbivory
GW Felton, KL Korth, JL Bi, SV Wesley, DV Huhman, MC Mathews, ...
Current Biology 9 (6), 317-320, 1999
Genomics‐based selection and functional characterization of triterpene glycosyltransferases from the model legume Medicago truncatula
L Achnine, DV Huhman, MA Farag, LW Sumner, JW Blount, RA Dixon
The Plant Journal 41 (6), 875-887, 2005
Metabolic profiling of saponins in Medicago sativa and Medicago truncatula using HPLC coupled to an electrospray ion-trap mass spectrometer
DV Huhman, LW Sumner
Phytochemistry 59 (3), 347-360, 2002
Methyl jasmonate and yeast elicitor induce differential transcriptional and metabolic re-programming in cell suspension cultures of the model legume Medicago truncatula
H Suzuki, MSS Reddy, M Naoumkina, N Aziz, GD May, DV Huhman, ...
Planta 220 (5), 696-707, 2005
MATE2 mediates vacuolar sequestration of flavonoid glycosides and glycoside malonates in Medicago truncatula
J Zhao, D Huhman, G Shadle, XZ He, LW Sumner, Y Tang, RA Dixon
The Plant Cell 23 (4), 1536-1555, 2011
Genomic and coexpression analyses predict multiple genes involved in triterpene saponin biosynthesis in Medicago truncatula
MA Naoumkina, LV Modolo, DV Huhman, E Urbanczyk-Wochniak, Y Tang, ...
The Plant Cell 22 (3), 850-866, 2010
Metabolomics reveals novel pathways and differential mechanistic and elicitor-specific responses in phenylpropanoid and isoflavonoid biosynthesis in Medicago truncatula cell …
MA Farag, DV Huhman, RA Dixon, LW Sumner
Plant Physiology 146 (2), 387-402, 2008
LAP5 and LAP6 encode anther-specific proteins with similarity to chalcone synthase essential for pollen exine development in Arabidopsis thaliana.
AA Dobritsa, Z Lei, S Nishikawa, E Urbanczyk-Wochniak, DV Huhman, ...
Plant physiology, pp. 110.157446, 2010
Metabolic profiling and systematic identification of flavonoids and isoflavonoids in roots and cell suspension cultures of Medicago truncatula using HPLC–UV–ESI …
MA Farag, DV Huhman, Z Lei, LW Sumner
Phytochemistry 68 (3), 342-354, 2007
Citrus fruit bitter flavors: isolation and functional characterization of the gene Cm1, 2RhaT encoding a 1, 2 rhamnosyltransferase, a key enzyme in the biosynthesis of the …
A Frydman, O Weisshaus, M Bar‐Peled, DV Huhman, LW Sumner, ...
The Plant Journal 40 (1), 88-100, 2004
A WD40 repeat protein from Medicago truncatula is necessary for tissue-specific anthocyanin and proanthocyanidin biosynthesis but not for trichome development
Y Pang, JP Wenger, K Saathoff, GJ Peel, J Wen, D Huhman, SN Allen, ...
Plant Physiology 151 (3), 1114-1129, 2009
Quantification of Saponins in Aerial and Subterranean Tissues of Medicago truncatula
DV Huhman, MA Berhow, LW Sumner
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 53 (6), 1914-1920, 2005
Global reprogramming of transcription and metabolism in Medicago truncatula during progressive drought and after rewatering
Plant, cell & environment 37 (11), 2553-2576, 2014
Identification of primary and secondary metabolites with phosphorus status‐dependent abundance in Arabidopsis, and of the transcription factor PHR1 as a major regulator of …
BD PANT, P Pant, A Erban, D Huhman, J Kopka, WR SCHEIBLE
Plant, cell & environment 38 (1), 172-187, 2015
Regiospecific hydroxylation of isoflavones by cytochrome p450 81E enzymes from Medicago truncatula
CJ Liu, D Huhman, LW Sumner, RA Dixon
The Plant Journal 36 (4), 471-484, 2003
Functional characterization of proanthocyanidin pathway enzymes from tea and their application for metabolic engineering
Y Pang, ISB Abeysinghe, J He, X He, D Huhman, KM Mewan, LW Sumner, ...
Plant physiology 161 (3), 1103-1116, 2013
Metabolomics as a hypothesis-generating functional genomics tool for the annotation of Arabidopsis thaliana genes of “unknown function”
SM Quanbeck, L Brachova, AA Campbell, X Guan, A Perera, K He, ...
Frontiers in plant science 3, 2012
Structural basis for dual functionality of isoflavonoid O-methyltransferases in the evolution of plant defense responses
CJ Liu, BE Deavours, SB Richard, JL Ferrer, JW Blount, D Huhman, ...
The Plant Cell 18 (12), 3656-3669, 2006
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