Hamed Alsulami
Hamed Alsulami
Professor of Mathematics, King Abdulaziz University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A computational method for solving periodic boundary value problems for integro-differential equations of Fredholm–Volterra type
S Momani, OA Arqub, T Hayat, H Al-Sulami
Applied Mathematics and Computation 240, 229-239, 2014
Some Extensions of Fixed Point Results over Quasi--Spaces
M Noorwali, HH Alsulami, E Karapınar
Journal of Function Spaces 2016, 2016
Local integration of 2-D fractional telegraph equation via moving least squares approximation
E Shivanian, S Abbasbandy, MS Alhuthali, HH Alsulami
Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements 56, 98-105, 2015
Fixed points of α-admissible Meir-Keeler contraction mappings on quasi-metric spaces
HH Alsulami, S Gülyaz, İM Erhan
Journal of Inequalities and Applications 2015 (1), 84, 2015
Three-dimensional mixed convection flow of viscoelastic fluid with thermal radiation and convective conditions
T Hayat, MB Ashraf, HH Alsulami, MS Alhuthali
Plos one 9 (3), e90038, 2014
Leavitt path algebras of finite Gelfand-Kirillov dimension
A Alahmadi, H Alsulami, SK Jain, E Zelmanov
arXiv preprint arXiv:1204.5258, 2012
Comparison of meshless local weak and strong forms based on particular solutions for a non-classical 2-D diffusion model
S Abbasbandy, HR Ghehsareh, MS Alhuthali, HH Alsulami
Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements 39, 121-128, 2014
A proposal to the study of contractions in quasi-metric spaces
HH Alsulami, E Karapınar, F Khojasteh, AF Roldán-López-de-Hierro
Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society 2014, 2014
Influence of thermal stratification on the radiative flow of Maxwell fluid
T Hayat, SA Shehzad, HH Al-Sulami, S Asghar
Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering 35 …, 2013
Influence of thermal radiation and Joule heating in the Eyring–Powell fluid flow with the Soret and Dufour effects
T Hayat, S Ali, A Alsaedi, HH Alsulami
Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics 57 (6), 1051-1060, 2016
On fractional order dengue epidemic model
H Al-Sulami, M El-Shahed, JJ Nieto, W Shammakh
Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2014, 2014
Heat transfer analysis in the flow of Walters' B fluid with a convective boundary condition
T Hayat, S Asad, M Mustafa, HH Alsulami
Chinese Physics B 23 (8), 084701, 2014
Discussion on “Multidimensional coincidence points” via recent publications
SA Al-Mezel, HH Alsulami, E Karapınar, AFR López-de-Hierro
Abstract and Applied Analysis 2014, 2014
Application of the operational matrix of fractional-order Legendre functions for solving the time-fractional convection–diffusion equation
S Abbasbandy, S Kazem, MS Alhuthali, HH Alsulami
Applied Mathematics and Computation 266, 31-40, 2015
Fixed Points of Modified-Contractive Mappings in Complete Metric-Like Spaces
HH Alsulami, E Karapınar, H Piri
Journal of Function Spaces 2015, 2015
An Ulam stability result on quasi-b-metric-like spaces
HH Alsulami, S Gülyaz, E Karapınar, IM Erhan
Open Mathematics 14 (1), 1087-1103, 2016
Impulsive fractional q-integro-difference equations with separated boundary conditions
B Ahmad, SK Ntouyas, J Tariboon, A Alsaedi, HH Alsulami
Applied Mathematics and Computation 281, 199-213, 2016
Fixed point theorems for a class of α-admissible contractions and applications to boundary value problem
HH Alsulami, S Gülyaz, E Karapınar, İM Erhan
Abstract and Applied Analysis 2014, 2014
On the power of simulation and admissible functions in metric fixed point theory
ASS Alharbi, HH Alsulami, E Karapinar
Journal of Function Spaces 2017, 2017
Analytical flow study of a conducting Maxwell fluid through a porous saturated channel at various wall boundary conditions
SM Rassoulinejad-Mousavi, S Abbasbandy, HH Alsulami
The European Physical Journal Plus 129 (8), 181, 2014
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