Sesha Pavan Kumar Vempati
Sesha Pavan Kumar Vempati
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Role of zinc interstitials and oxygen vacancies of ZnO in photocatalysis: a bottom-up approach to control defect density
F Kayaci, S Vempati*, I Donmez, N Biyikli, T Uyar
Nanoscale 6 (17), 10224-10234, 2014
One-step synthesis of ZnO nanosheets: a blue-white fluorophore
S Vempati*, J Mitra, P Dawson
Nanoscale research letters 7 (1), 1-10, 2012
Selective Isolation of Electron or Hole in Photocatalysis: ZnO-TiO2 and TiO2-ZnO Core-Shell Structured Heterojunction Nanofibers via Electrospinning and Atomic Layer Deposition
F Kayaci, S Vempati*, C Ozgit, I Donmez, N Biyikli, T Uyar
Nanoscale, DOI: 10.1039/C3NR06665G, 2014
A potential medicinal importance of zinc in human health and chronic
D Bhowmik, K Chiranjib, S Kumar
Int J Pharm 1 (1), 05-11, 2010
Conducting polyaniline-electrical charge transportation
VJ Babu, S Vempati, S Ramakrishna
Scientific Research Publishing, 2013
Review of one-dimensional and two-dimensional nanostructured materials for hydrogen generation
VJ Babu, S Vempati*, T Uyar, S Ramakrishna
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (5), 2960-2986, 2015
Enhanced photocatalytic activity of homoassembled ZnO nanostructures on electrospun polymeric nanofibers: A combination of atomic layer deposition and hydrothermal growth
F Kayaci, S Vempati*, C Ozgit-Akgun, N Biyikli, T Uyar
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 156, 173-183, 2014
Unusual photoresponse of indium doped ZnO/organic thin film heterojunction
S Vempati*, S Chirakkara, J Mitra, P Dawson, KK Nanda, SB Krupanidhi
Applied Physics Letters 100 (16), 162104, 2012
Emerging trends of disintegrants used in formulation of solid dosage form
D Bhowmik, B Chiranjib, J Yadav, RM Chandira, S Kumar
Der Pharmacia Lettre 2 (1), 495-504, 2010
Electrical conduction and rheological behaviour of composites of poly (ε-caprolactone) and MWCNTs
SJ Chin, S Vempati, P Dawson, M Knite, A Linarts, K Ozols, T McNally
Polymer 58, 209-221, 2015
Transformation of polymer-ZnO core–shell nanofibers into ZnO hollow nanofibers: Intrinsic defect reorganization in ZnO and its influence on the photocatalysis
F Kayaci, S Vempati*, C Ozgit-Akgun, I Donmez, N Biyikli, T Uyar
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 176, 646-653, 2015
Monitoring of lake water quality in Mysore City
HS Sudhira, VS Kumar
International Symposium on Restoration of Lakes and Wetlands: Proceedings of …, 2000
Sensitive Surface States and their Passivation Mechanism in CdS Quantum Dots
S Vempati*, Y Ertas, T Uyar
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (41), 21609-21618, 2013
Effective nanostructred morphologies for efficient hybrid solar cells
VJ Babu, S Vempati*, S Sundarrajan, M Sireesha, S Ramakrishna
Solar Energy 106, 1-22, 2014
Solution-based synthesis of cobalt-doped ZnO thin films
S Vempati, A Shetty, P Dawson, KK Nanda, SB Krupanidhi
Thin Solid Films 524, 137-143, 2012
Fluorescence from graphene oxide and the influence of ionic, π–π interactions and heterointerfaces: electron or energy transfer dynamics
S Vempati*, T Uyar
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (39), 21183-21203, 2014
SIP1 is downregulated in hepatocellular carcinoma by promoter hypermethylation
T Acun, E Oztas, T Yagci, MC Yakicier
BMC cancer 11 (1), 1-10, 2011
Water-soluble non-polymeric electrospun cyclodextrin nanofiber template for the synthesis of metal oxide tubes by atomic layer deposition
A Celebioglu, S Vempati*, C Ozgit-Akgun, N Biyikli, T Uyar
RSC Adv. 4 (106), 61698-61705, 2014
Cobalt-doped ZnO nanowires on quartz: synthesis by simple chemical method and characterization
S Vempati, A Shetty, P Dawson, K Nanda, SB Krupanidhi
Journal of crystal growth 343 (1), 7-12, 2012
Defect related emission versus intersystem crossing: blue emitting ZnO/graphene oxide quantum dots
S Vempati*, A Celebioglu, T Uyar
Nanoscale 7 (38), 16110-16118, 2015
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