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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Adult mortality from sibling survival data: a reappraisal of selection biases
B Masquelier
Demography 50 (1), 207-228, 2013
Adult mortality in Africa
G Reniers, B Masquelier, P Gerland
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Divergences in trends in child and adult mortality in sub-Saharan Africa: survey evidence on the survival of children and siblings
B Masquelier, G Reniers, G Pison
Population Studies 68 (2), 161-177, 2014
Improving the quality of adult mortality data collected in demographic surveys: validation study of a new siblings' survival questionnaire in Niakhar, Senegal
S Helleringer, G Pison, B Masquelier, AM Kanté, L Douillot, G Duthé, ...
PLoS Med 11 (5), e1001652, 2014
Global, regional, and national mortality trends in older children and young adolescents (5–14 years) from 1990 to 2016: an analysis of empirical data
B Masquelier, L Hug, D Sharrow, D You, D Hogan, K Hill, J Liu, ...
The Lancet Global Health 6 (10), e1087-e1099, 2018
Age patterns and sex ratios of adult mortality in countries with high HIV prevalence
B Masquelier, JW Eaton, P Gerland, F Pelletier, KK Mutai
Aids 31 (1), S77-S85, 2017
Mortality inequalities and trends in low-and middle-income countries, 1990-2015
D Tabutin, B Masquelier, M Grieve, P Reeve
Population 72 (2), 221-296, 2017
The epidemiological transition in Antananarivo, Madagascar: an assessment based on death registers (1900–2012)
B Masquelier, D Waltisperger, O Ralijaona, G Pison, A Ravélo
Global Health Action 7 (1), 23237, 2014
Health at the borders: Bayesian multilevel analysis of women's malnutrition determinants in Ethiopia
TD Delbiso, JM Rodriguez-Llanes, C Altare, B Masquelier, D Guha-Sapir
Global health action 9 (1), 30204, 2016
Socioeconomic factors contributing to under-five mortality in sub-Saharan Africa: a decomposition analysis
C Van Malderen, A Amouzou, AJD Barros, B Masquelier, H Van Oyen, ...
BMC public health 19 (1), 760, 2019
Future mortality in high mortality countries
M Garenne, B Masquelier, F Pelletier
World Population and Human Capital in the Twenty-first Century: An Overview, 273, 2017
Sibship sizes and family sizes in survey data used to estimate mortality
B Masquelier, C Dutreuilh
Population 69 (2), 221-238, 2014
Estimation de la mortalité adulte en Afrique subsaharienne à partir de la survie des proches: apports de la microsimulation
B Masquelier
Presses univ. de Louvain, 2010
Association between ethnicity and under-5 mortality: analysis of data from demographic surveys from 36 low-income and middle-income countries
CG Victora, AJD Barros, C Blumenberg, JC Costa, LP Vidaletti, ...
The Lancet Global Health 8 (3), e352-e361, 2020
Estimating cause-specific mortality in Madagascar: an evaluation of death notification data from the capital city
B Masquelier, G Pison, J Rakotonirina, A Rasoanomenjanahary
Population health metrics 17 (1), 8, 2019
Evaluation des estimations indirectes de mortalité dans trois observatoires de population au Sénégal
B Masquelier, CT Ndiaye, G Pison, NB Dieme, I Diouf, S Helleringer, ...
African Population Studies 30 (1), 2227-2241, 2016
Improving survey data on pregnancy‐related deaths in low‐and middle‐income countries: a validation study in S enegal
S Helleringer, G Pison, B Masquelier, AM Kante, L Douillot, CT Ndiaye, ...
Tropical Medicine & International Health 20 (11), 1415-1423, 2015
Maternal mortality estimates
P Gerland, B Masquelier, S Helleringer, D Hogan, CD Mathers
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Estimating mortality from external causes using data from retrospective surveys: A validation study in Niakhar (Senegal)
G Pison, G Duthé, B Masquelier, C Sokhna, AM Kante, V Delaunay, ...
Demographic Research 38, 879-896, 2018
Mortality, health, and aging in Sub-Saharan Africa
B Masquelier, AM Kanté
Africa's Population: In Search of a Demographic Dividend, 267-281, 2017
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