Scott J. Meiners
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Exotic plant invasions over 40 years of old field successions: community patterns and associations
SJ Meiners, STA Pickett, ML Cadenasso
Ecography 25 (2), 215-223, 2002
Ever since Clements: from succession to vegetation dynamics and understanding to intervention
STA Pickett, ML Cadenasso, SJ Meiners
Applied Vegetation Science 12 (1), 9-21, 2009
Invasion impacts diversity through altered community dynamics
KA Yurkonis, SJ Meiners, BE Wachholder
Journal of ecology 93 (6), 1053-1061, 2005
Effects of plant invasions on the species richness of abandoned agricultural land
SJ Meiners, STA Pickett, ML Cadenasso
Ecography 24 (6), 633-644, 2001
Is successional research nearing its climax? New approaches for understanding dynamic communities
SJ Meiners, MW Cadotte, JD Fridley, STA Pickett, LR Walker
Functional Ecology 29 (2), 154-164, 2015
Plant colonization windows in a mesic old field succession
S Bartha, SJ Meiners, STA Pickett, ML Cadenasso
Applied Vegetation Science 6 (2), 205-212, 2003
Native and exotic plant species exhibit similar population dynamics during succession
SJ Meiners
Ecology 88 (5), 1098-1104, 2007
Vegetation dynamics
STA Pickett, ML Cadenasso, SJ Meiners
Vegetation ecology, 172-198, 2005
Beyond biodiversity: individualistic controls of invasion in a self‐assembled community
SJ Meiners, ML Cadenasso, STA Pickett
Ecology Letters 7 (2), 121-126, 2004
Relative allelopathic potential of invasive plant species in a young disturbed woodland
NL Pisula, SJ Meiners
The Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 137 (1), 81-87, 2010
Apparent competition: an impact of exotic shrub invasion on tree regeneration
SJ Meiners
Biological Invasions 9 (7), 849-855, 2007
Invasion impacts local species turnover in a successional system
KA Yurkonis, SJ Meiners
Ecology Letters 7 (9), 764-769, 2004
Changes in community and population responses across a forest‐field gradient
SJ Meiners, STA Pickett
Ecography 22 (3), 261-267, 1999
Developing an ecological context for allelopathy
SJ Meiners, CH Kong, LM Ladwig, NL Pisula, KA Lang
Plant Ecology 213 (8), 1221-1227, 2012
Plant neighbor detection and allelochemical response are driven by root-secreted signaling chemicals
CH Kong, SZ Zhang, YH Li, ZC Xia, XF Yang, SJ Meiners, P Wang
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-9, 2018
The effects of phylogenetic relatedness on invasion success and impact: deconstructing Darwin's naturalisation conundrum
S Li, MW Cadotte, SJ Meiners, Z Hua, H Shu, J Li, W Shu
Ecology letters 18 (12), 1285-1292, 2015
Tree seedling establishment under insect herbivory: edge effects and inter-annual variation
SJ Meiners, SN Handel, STA Pickett
Plant Ecology 151 (2), 161-170, 2000
Species colonisation, not competitive exclusion, drives community overdispersion over long‐term succession
S Li, MW Cadotte, SJ Meiners, Z Hua, L Jiang, W Shu
Ecology Letters 18 (9), 964-973, 2015
Convergence and divergence in a long‐term old‐field succession: the importance of spatial scale and species abundance
S Li, MW Cadotte, SJ Meiners, Z Pu, T Fukami, L Jiang
Ecology Letters 19 (9), 1101-1109, 2016
Additive and nonadditive effects of herbivory and competition on tree seedling mortality, growth, and allocation
SJ Meiners, SN Handel
American Journal of Botany 87 (12), 1821-1826, 2000
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