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Gunther Capelle-Blancard
Gunther Capelle-Blancard
University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne & Paris School of Business
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
How does the stock market respond to chemical disasters?
G Capelle-Blancard, MA Laguna
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 59 (2), 192-205, 2010
The performance of socially responsible funds: Does the screening process matter?
G Capelle‐Blancard, S Monjon
European Financial Management 20 (3), 494-520, 2014
Trends in the literature on socially responsible investment: Looking for the keys under the lamppost
G Capelle‐Blancard, S Monjon
Business ethics: a European review 21 (3), 239-250, 2012
Every little helps? ESG news and stock market reaction
G Capelle-Blancard, A Petit
Journal of Business Ethics 157 (2), 543-565, 2019
La crise des subprimes
A Patrick, B Jean-Pierre
Edition La Documentation française, 2008
The weighting of CSR dimensions: One size does not fit all
G Capelle-Blancard, A Petit
Business & Society 56 (6), 919-943, 2017
Sovereign bond yield spreads and sustainability: An empirical analysis of OECD countries
G Capelle-Blancard, P Crifo, MA Diaye, R Oueghlissi, B Scholtens
Journal of Banking & Finance 98, 156-169, 2019
The Ability of Banks to Shift Corporate Income Taxes to Customers
G Capelle-Blancard, O Havrylchyk
Taxation and Regulation of the Financial Sector, 253, 2014
The impact of the French securities transaction tax on market liquidity and volatility
G Capelle-Blancard, O Havrylchyk
International Review of Financial Analysis 47, 166-178, 2016
Économie internationale (10e édition)
P Krugman, M Obstfeld, M MELITZ, G Capelle-Blancard, MD CROZET
Pearson France, 2015
The stock market is not the economy? Insights from the COVID-19 crisis
G Capelle-Blancard, A Desroziers
Insights from the COVID-19 Crisis (June 16, 2020). CEPR Covid Economics, 2020
Do market and contract designs matter? Evidence from the CAC 40 index options market
G Capelle-Blancard, M Chaudhury
Cahiers de la MSE, 2003
Index trading and agricultural commodity prices: A panel Granger causality analysis
G Capelle-Blancard, D Coulibaly
International Economics 126, 51-71, 2011
International nonlinear causality between stock markets
M Beine, G Capelle-Blancard, H Raymond
The European Journal of Finance 14 (8), 663-686, 2008
Finance d'entreprise
J Berk, P DeMarzo, G Capelle-Blancard, N Couderc, N Nalpas, ...
Pearson education, 2011
Economie internationale
P Krugman, M Obstfeld, G Capelle-Blancard, M Crozet
Université Paris1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (Post-Print and Working Papers), 2009
8. Banks and Tax Havens: First Evidence Based on Country-by-Country Reporting
V Bouvatier, G Capelle-Blancard, AL Delatte
After the Crash, 135-143, 2019
More bankers, more growth? Evidence from OECD countries
G Capelle‐Blancard, C Labonne
Economic Notes: Review of Banking, Finance and Monetary Economics 45 (1), 37-51, 2016
Are derivatives dangerous? A literature survey
G Capelle-Blancard
International Economics 123, 67-89, 2010
Empirical evidence on periodically collapsing stock price bubbles
G Capelle-Blancard, H Raymond
Applied Economics Letters 11 (1), 61-69, 2004
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