Adam Zaremba
Adam Zaremba
Montpellier Business School (France), Poznan University of Economics and Business (Poland üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Infected markets: Novel coronavirus, government interventions, and stock return volatility around the globe
A Zaremba, R Kizys, DY Aharon, E Demir
Finance Research Letters 35, 101597, 2020
Digesting anomalies in emerging European markets: A comparison of factor pricing models
A Zaremba, A Czapkiewicz
Emerging Markets Review 31, 1-15, 2017
Country selection strategies based on value, size and momentum
A Zaremba
Investment Analysts Journal 44 (3), 171-198, 2015
Are value, size and momentum premiums in CEE emerging markets only illusionary?
A Zaremba, P Konieczka
Finance a úvěr-Czech Journal of Economics and Finance 65 (1), 84-104, 2015
Investor sentiment, limits on arbitrage, and the performance of cross-country stock market anomalies
A Zaremba
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance 9, 136-163, 2016
Produkty strukturyzowane. Inwestycje nowych czasów
A Zaremba, N rynek produktów hybrydowych w Polsce
Helion, Gliwice, 2009
COVID-19, government policy responses, and stock market liquidity around the world: A note
A Zaremba, DY Aharon, E Demir, R Kizys, D Zawadka
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Mergers and acquisitions: Evidence on post-announcement performance from CEE stock markets
A Zaremba, M Płotnicki
Journal of Business Economics and Management 17 (2), 251-266, 2016
Inflation hedging with commodities: A wavelet analysis of seven centuries worth of data
A Zaremba, Z Umar, M Mikutowski
Economics Letters 181, 90-94, 2019
The momentum effect in country-level stock market anomalies
A Zaremba
Economic research-Ekonomska istraživanja 31 (1), 703-721, 2018
Is there a low-risk anomaly across countries?
A Zaremba
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Strategies based on momentum and term structure in financialized commodity markets
A Zaremba
Business and Economics Research Journal 7 (1), 31, 2016
Country selection strategies based on quality
A Zaremba
Managerial Finance, 2015
Value, size, momentum, and unique role of microcaps in CEE market stock returns
A Zaremba
Eastern European Economics 53 (3), 221-241, 2015
The cross section of country equity returns: A review of empirical literature
A Zaremba
Journal of Risk and Financial Management 12 (4), 165, 2019
Risk-based explanation for the country-level size and value effects
A Zaremba
Finance Research Letters 18, 226-233, 2016
The quest for multidimensional financial immunity to the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from international stock markets
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Is there an illiquidity premium in frontier markets?
S Stereńczak, A Zaremba, Z Umar
Emerging Markets Review 42, 100673, 2020
Cross-sectional asset pricing models for the Polish market
A Zaremba
Pobrano z: http://ssrn. com/abstract 2396884, 2014
Is there momentum in factor premia? Evidence from international equity markets
A Zaremba, J Shemer
Research in International Business and Finance 46, 120-130, 2018
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