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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Effects of untreated and treated wastewater irrigation on some chemical properties of cauliflower (Brassica olerecea L. var. botrytis) and red cabbage (Brassica olerecea L. var …
FM Kiziloglu, M Turan, U Sahin, Y Kuslu, A Dursun
Agricultural water management 95 (6), 716-724, 2008
Effects of wastewater irrigation on soil and cabbage‐plant (brassica olerecea var. capitate cv. yalova‐1) chemical properties
F M. Kiziloglu, M Turan, U Sahin, I Angin, O Anapali, M Okuroglu
Journal of plant nutrition and soil science 170 (1), 166-172, 2007
Effects of individual and combined effects of salinity and drought on physiological, nutritional and biochemical properties of cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata)
U Sahin, M Ekinci, S Ors, M Turan, S Yildiz, E Yildirim
Scientia Horticulturae 240, 196-204, 2018
Determining water–yield relationship, water use efficiency, crop and pan coefficients for silage maize in a semiarid region
FM Kiziloglu, U Sahin, Y Kuslu, T Tunc
Irrigation science 27 (2), 129-137, 2009
Regional distribution and some physico-chemical and physical properties of some substrates used in horticulture in Turkey
U Sahin, S Ercisli, O Anapali, A Esitken
South Pacific Soilless Culture Conference-SPSCC 648, 177-183, 2003
Tillage effects on certain physical and hydraulic properties of a loamy soil under a crop rotation in a semi-arid region with a cool climate
Z Gozubuyuk, U Sahin, I Ozturk, A Celik, MC Adiguzel
Catena 118, 195-205, 2014
The Effect of Deficit Irrigation on Potato Evapotranspiration and
FM Kiziloglu, U Sahin, T Tunc, S Diler
Journal of Agronomy 5 (2), 284-288, 2006
Effect of freezing and thawing processes on some physical properties of saline–sodic soils mixed with sewage sludge or fly ash
U Sahin, I Angin, FM Kiziloglu
Soil and Tillage Research 99 (2), 254-260, 2008
Biological treatment of clogged emitters in a drip irrigation system
Ü Şahin, Ö Anapalı, MF Dönmez, F Şahin
Journal of environmental management 76 (4), 338-341, 2005
Microbial application with gypsum increases the saturated hydraulic conductivity of saline–sodic soils
U Sahin, S Eroğlu, F Sahin
Applied Soil Ecology 48 (2), 247-250, 2011
Effect of pumice amendment on physical soil properties and strawberry plant growth
U Sahin, S Ors, S Ercisli, O Anapali, A Esitken
Journal of Central European Agriculture 6 (3), 361-366, 2005
Ameliorative effects of plant growth promoting bacteria on water-yield relationships, growth, and nutrient uptake of lettuce plants under different irrigation levels
U Sahin, M Ekinci, FM Kiziloglu, E Yildirim, M Turan, R Kotan, S Ors
Hortscience 50 (9), 1379-1386, 2015
The changes in the physical and hydraulic properties of a loamy soil under irrigation with simpler-reclaimed wastewaters
T Tunc, U Sahin
Agricultural Water Management 158, 213-224, 2015
The effects of IBA, rooting media and cutting collection time on rooting of kiwifruit
S Ercisli, Ö Anapali, A Esitken, Ü Sahin
Gartenbauwissenschaft 67 (1), 2002
Effects of some growing media on the growth of strawberry cvs.'Camarosa'and'Fern'
S Ercisli, U Sahin, A Esitken, O Anapali
Acta Agrobotanica 58 (1), 2005
Evaluation of water use and yield responses of drip-irrigated sugar beet with different irrigation techniques
U Sahin, S Ors, FM Kiziloglu, Y Kuslu
Chilean journal of agricultural research 74 (3), 302-310, 2014
Effects of different growing media on Scotch pine (Pinus sylvestris) production.
M Aklibasinda, T Tunç, Y Bulut, U Sahin
JAPS, Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences 21 (3), 535-541, 2011
Fruit yield and quality, and irrigation water use efficiency of summer squash drip-irrigated with different irrigation quantities in a semi-arid agricultural area
Y Kuslu, U Sahin, FM Kiziloglu, S Memis
Journal of integrative Agriculture 13 (11), 2518-2526, 2014
Bacterial application increased the flow rate of CaCO3-clogged emitters of drip irrigation system
S Eroglu, U Sahin, T Tunc, F Sahin
Journal of Environmental Management 98, 37-42, 2012
Determining water-yield relationship, water use efficiency, seasonal crop and pan coefficients for alfalfa in a semiarid region with high altitude
Y Kuslu, U Sahin, T Tunc, FM Kiziloglu
Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science 16 (4), 482-492, 2010
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