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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Positive mental health as a predictor of recovery from mental illness
M Iasiello, J van Agteren, CLM Keyes, EM Cochrane
Journal of affective disorders 251, 227-230, 2019
Using internet-based psychological measurement to capture the deteriorating community mental health profile during COVID-19: observational study
J Van Agteren, J Bartholomaeus, DB Fassnacht, M Iasiello, K Ali, L Lo, ...
JMIR mental health 7 (6), e20696, 2020
Measuring PERMA+ in South Australia, the State of Wellbeing: A comparison with national and international norms
M Iasiello, J Bartholomaeus, A Jarden, G Kelly
Journal of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing 1 (2), 53-72, 2017
Positive aging: The impact of a community wellbeing and resilience program
JD Bartholomaeus, JEM Van Agteren, MP Iasiello, A Jarden, D Kelly
Clinical Gerontologist 42 (4), 377-386, 2019
Improving the wellbeing and resilience of health services staff via psychological skills training
J Van Agteren, M Iasiello, L Lo
BMC research notes 11 (1), 1-5, 2018
Mental health and/or mental illness: A scoping review of the evidence and implications of the dual-continua model of mental health
M Iasiello, J Van Agteren
Evidence Base: A journal of evidence reviews in key policy areas, 1-45, 2020
Resilient futures: An individual and system-level approach to improve the well-being and resilience of disadvantaged young Australians.
IJ Raymond, M Iasiello, A Jarden, DM Kelly
Translational Issues in Psychological Science 4 (3), 228, 2018
Maximising the opportunity for healthy ageing: online mental health measurement and targeted interventions
M Iasiello, J Bartholomaeus, A Jarden, J van Agteren
Studies in health technology and informatics 246, 111-23, 2018
Make It Measurable: Assessing Psychological Distress, Wellbeing and Resilience at Scale in Higher Education.
J Agteren, L Woodyatt, M Iasiello, J Rayner, M Kyrios
Student Success 10 (3), 1a-1a, 2019
Program logic modelling and complex positive psychology intervention design and implementation: The ‘Resilient Futures’ case example
I Raymond, M Iasiello, D Kelly, A Jarden
International Journal of Applied Positive Psychology 3 (1), 43-67, 2019
Improving the Wellbeing of Female Prisoners via Psychological Skills Training: A Feasibility Study
L Lo, M Iasiello, M Carey, J van Agteren
International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology 64 (15 …, 2020
Advancing our understanding of mental wellbeing and mental health: The call to embrace complexity over simplification
J Van Agteren, M Iasiello
Australian Psychologist 55 (4), 307-316, 2020
Mental health interventions to build resilience
L Black, J Van Agteren, M Iasiello, M Carey, R Faggotter
Australian Journal of Emergency Management, The 33 (4), 18-19, 2018
Determining the Effectiveness of Wellbeing and Resilience Training in Four Distinct Populations
A Jarden, J Van Agteren, J Bartholomaeus, M Iasiello, K Burke, D Kelly, ...
Adelaide, 2018
Evaluating the Psychometric Properties of the PERMA Profiler
JD Bartholomaeus, MP Iasiello, A Jarden, KJ Burke, J van Agteren
Journal of Well-Being Assessment 4 (2), 163-180, 2020
The effectiveness of wellbeing and resilience training in four distinct populations
J Van Agteren, K Stafford, J Bartholomaeus, M Iasiello, A Jarden, K Burke
Australian Psychological Society (APS) Congress, 2018
Complete Mental Health: a novel, collaborative, individual-and population-based approach to reforming mental health care
M Iasiello
Evidence of the Complete State Model of Mental Health: Implications on public policy and practice
M Iasiello, J Van Agteren, E Muir-Cochrane
Third International Conference on Wellbeing and Public Policy, 2018
Resilient Futures: an individual and system-level approach to embedding wellbeing and resilience in Flexible Learning Options (FLO) settings.
D Kelly, M Iasiello
4th PESA 2018 National Positive Education Conference, 2018
Resilient Futures: an integrated approach to building wellbeing amongst disadvantaged young people
D Kelly, M Iasiello, D Nedic
8th European Conference on Positive Psychology, 2016
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