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Metin Türkay
Metin Türkay
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Logic-based MINLP algorithms for the optimal synthesis of process networks
M Türkay, IE Grossmann
Computers & Chemical Engineering 20 (8), 959-978, 1996
Optimal locations of electric public charging stations using real world vehicle travel patterns
N Shahraki, H Cai, M Turkay, M Xu
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 41, 165-176, 2015
EOQ revisited with sustainability considerations
MC Arslan, M Turkay
Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences 38 (4), 223-249, 2013
Optimizing product assortment under customer-driven demand substitution
E Yücel, F Karaesmen, FS Salman, M Türkay
European Journal of Operational Research 199 (3), 759-768, 2009
Disjunctive programming techniques for the optimization of process systems with discontinuous investment costs− multiple size regions
M Türkay, IE Grossmann
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 35 (8), 2611-2623, 1996
Optimization based tumor classification from microarray gene expression data
O Dagliyan, F Uney-Yuksektepe, IH Kavakli, M Turkay
PloS one 6 (2), e14579, 2011
A mixed-integer programming approach to the clustering problem with an application in customer segmentation
B Sağlam, FS Salman, S Sayın, M Türkay
European Journal of Operational Research 173 (3), 866-879, 2006
Design and operation of intermodal transportation network in the Marmara region of Turkey
HG Resat, M Turkay
Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review 83, 16-33, 2015
A mixed-integer programming approach to multi-class data classification problem
F Üney, M Türkay
European journal of operational research 173 (3), 910-920, 2006
The facility location problem from the perspective of triple bottom line accounting of sustainability
S Anvari, M Turkay
International Journal of Production Research 55 (21), 6266-6287, 2017
Multi-company collaborative supply chain management with economical and environmental considerations
M Türkay, C Oruç, K Fujita, T Asakura
Computers & chemical engineering 28 (6-7), 985-992, 2004
Synergy analysis of collaborative supply chain management in energy systems using multi-period MILP
A Soylu, C Oruç, M Turkay, K Fujita, T Asakura
European Journal of Operational Research 174 (1), 387-403, 2006
Sustainability in supply chain management: Aggregate planning from sustainability perspective
M Türkay, Ö Saraçoğlu, MC Arslan
PloS one 11 (1), e0147502, 2016
Restricted mobility of conserved residues in protein-protein interfaces in molecular simulations
ON Yogurtcu, SB Erdemli, R Nussinov, M Turkay, O Keskin
Biophysical Journal 94 (9), 3475-3485, 2008
Optimization of operations in supply chain systems using hybrid systems approach and model predictive control
E Mestan, M Türkay, Y Arkun
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 45 (19), 6493-6503, 2006
Automated Box–Jenkins forecasting tool with an application for passenger demand in urban rail systems
S Anvari, S Tuna, M Canci, M Turkay
Journal of Advanced Transportation 50 (1), 25-49, 2016
Relationships between amino acid sequence and backbone torsion angle preferences
O Keskin, D Yuret, A Gursoy, M Turkay, B Erman
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 55 (4), 992-998, 2004
A CLOCK-binding small molecule disrupts the interaction between CLOCK and BMAL1 and enhances circadian rhythm amplitude
YU Doruk, D Yarparvar, YK Akyel, S Gul, AC Taskin, F Yilmaz, I Baris, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 295 (11), 3518-3531, 2020
Bunkering policies for a fuel bunker management problem for liner shipping networks
A De, A Choudhary, M Turkay, MK Tiwari
European Journal of Operational Research 289 (3), 927-939, 2021
Planning of capacity, production and inventory decisions in a generic reverse supply chain under uncertain demand and returns
O Kaya, F Bagci, M Turkay
International Journal of Production Research 52 (1), 270-282, 2014
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